Clackamas pursuit dead-ends in Lents

See why taking the wrong turn hindered a suspect’s get-away plan, leading to an outer East Portland a foot chase …

When a stolen car pursuit rolls from SE Johnson Creek Boulevard northward, it soon crashed – bringing dozens of deputies and officers into the Lents neighborhood to search for the car thief who fled the wrecked vehicle, leaving his girlfriend to fend for herself.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

For the second time within a week, a suspect was pursued out of Clackamas County and into outer East Portland – this time ending up on foot in the Lents neighborhood on Friday evening, October 19.

According to Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) spokesperson Sgt. Brian Jensen, after a CCSO deputy spotted a reportedly-stolen car at the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer store at about 8:00 p.m., its driver sped away.

Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Brian Jensen speak to reporters.

“The suspect attempted to elude officers in the car,” Jensen said, talking to reporters while standing in SE Harney Street.

The car sped north on 82nd Avenue of Roses for two streets, before turning east on SE Gray Street – still in Clackamas County – apparently not noticing the “Dead End Street” sign. The car crashed where SE 89th Avenue would cross, if it when through – into a fence bordering a manufactured housing development.

Police quickly cordon off the area as they begin their investigation.

Hopping fences, the suspect ran north, crossed SE Clatsop Street along 89th Avenue, toward Harney Street, crossing into Multnomah County and the City of Portland.

“The male suspect ran from the crash, leaving a female passenger in the vehicle,” said Portland Police Bureau Public (PPB) Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson, picking up the story.

Within minutes, 24 PPB units were rolling in, including three Police Canine Unit officers, to search for the suspect.

“Outside, not far from our house, we heard a ‘pop, pop, pop’ sound, and it didn’t sound like firecrackers; we all hit the floor,” neighbor Gus James told East Portland News.

Law enforcement personnel start to unravel the chaotic situation that left a suspect shot, and an officer bitten by a police dog.

“At some point during the search, officers encountered the suspect, and shots were fired,” Simpson said. “The suspect was injured by gunfire and taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries. He is expected to survive.”

Somehow during the incident, a Portland Police Canine Unit officer was bitten by a Clackamas County police dog, suffering serious but not life-threatening injuries, and was also taken to a hospital.

“A Portland Police officer and a Clackamas County deputy were involved in the shooting with the suspect, which occurred in the City of Portland,” Simpson confirmed.

Officers and investigators conifer, piecing together the incident, soon after unfolds.

Following up in the morning of the following day, Simpson said, “The injured suspect – a 29-year-old male – remains in a Portland hospital, being treated for serious injuries, and is expected to survive.”

As with all officer-involved shooting incidents, the involved officer will remain on paid administrative leave until the incident goes before a grand jury, while he continues to recover from his own injury.

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