Central Northeast Neighbors help folks dump debris, and sell surplus

You’ve read about ‘neighborhood clean-ups’ before. This one has a novel twist …

Ronda Johnson, office manager and event coordinator with Central Northeast Neighbors stands next to a pickup truck that’s full of dead computers to be recycled.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
One of the key services of neighborhoods in the greater Portland is a “clean-up day”, to make it easy for folks to rid their homes and yards of rubbish and unwanted or broken goods.

Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) held their Fall Clean-Up on September 26, again at Glenhaven Park in the Madison South Neighborhood.

Ruth Hander and Geneva McArtor, both active in the Madison South Neighborhood Association, help keep things tidy during the CNN clean-up.

As an added attraction, volunteer Eugene Muir cooks up hot dog lunches for people who come to the clean-up.

“It’s both a fundraiser for CNN activities,” explained Ronda Johnson, CNN’s office, “and it’s a way for people to dispose of their yard debris and bulky waste, and also to recycle some small electronics.”

“The wood products will go to be mulched,” Johnson said. “We’re recycling as many materials as we can, to keep them out of the landfill and help our environment.”

The “You-Price-It” Yard Sale provides another method for recycling serviceable goods.

Clean-up features sale
A novel idea at this event was the addition of the “You-Price-It” Yard Sale.

“This is another good way of recycling,” added Johnson. “Instead of throwing away items people aren’t using – from lawn chairs to appliances – others can make use of things that would otherwise get thrown into a landfill.”

People who stopped by found bargains on serviceable goods of all kinds.

Neighbor John Hutchinson says he’s smiling because CNN provided him an easy way to clean out his garage.

A neighbor, John Hutchinson, said his wife coaches soccer and his son plays on a team at Glenhaven Park. “I saw this event and decided to save myself a trip to the dump. This is great! I appreciate the neighborhood association for putting this together.”

When the dumpsters were loaded, this event pulled tons of refuse from NE Portland neighborhood homes and yards.

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