Centennial neighbors throw party to spotlight Parklane Park’s potential

Right here, you’ll read why as many as 1,000 people came to a Portland City Park that’s big on potential – although a bit shy on amenities …

Savannah O’Brien, Madelyne Reed, Lily Groves and Jasmine Groves help out at the August event, by taking surveys about potential improvements for Parklane Park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Just because the City of Portland hasn’t got the money to improve and build out Parklane Park, hasn’t kept eager neighbors in the Centennial Community Association from hosting a neighborhood-wide party on the property.

> Read about the efforts to complete Parkland Park in an article published earlier this year: CLICK HERE to view it.

While there’s an official “Master Plan” for completing Parkland Park, which is located on the eastern edge of outer East Portland at SE 155th Avenue & Main Street, neighbors found there’s still plenty of lawn on which to hold what turned out to be a big event.

Tom Lewis, Chair, and Vice-Chairs Ron and Jan Clemenson, of the Centennial Community Association, are all smiles as they watch the park fill with neighbors having a good time.

“This is our ‘Movie in the Park’ event,” explained Tom Lewis, President of the Centennial Community Association. “Our neighborhood association was able to work with Portland Parks & Recreation to bring their climbing wall, provide live music, and get the word out.”

In addition to providing good summertime family fun, Lewis added, “We’re trying to bring attention to the newly-planned, but not constructed, park expansion to the north of the current property. We want neighbors to come and experience this great park. Hopefully, they’ll support the Master Plan.”

Mitch Hearn, a participant in the Portland Parks & Recreation Skating and Skateboard Program, shows his skill with sophisticated skateboard stunts.

Riley Behm shows off her artistic skills to her dad, Larry, at the Parklane Park party.

Improving and expanding the park also will benefit Parklane Elementary School (formerly Harold Oliver Primary School), which backs up to the park. “They’re a big partner with us on the Park project, because they will have direct access to the new portion of the park property, once we get the funding to complete it,” Lewis explained.

Parklane Park Party
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Just one of the classic cars on display, Dave Koetje shows off his gleaming 1931 Chevrolet Fire Hose Wagon. “This vehicle carried hose from the fire station, so firefighters could hook up to the fire hydrant,” Koetje says. “It came from a Susanville, California, lumber mill.”

Before the movie starts, this duo, The Sounds of Norman, entertains the gathering crowd as the sun sets.

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