Car treed – in single-vehicle wreck

This is a curious accident!  Details are scant, but Centennial neighbors have their own ideas about how it happened …

Portland Fire & Rescue Truck 31 – its station house is just north of the wreck, on SE 174th Avenue – blocks the road while police investigate this accident.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
This single-car accident didn’t make a lot of noise, neighbors said, but the result certainly caught their attention as they took evening walks on SE 174th Avenue, between SE Division and Sherman Street, in the Centennial neighborhood.

Firefighter/Paramedics riding Portland Fire & Rescue Truck 31 rushed to the scene, as did an AMR ambulance – but they found no accident victims. A man, thought to the driver of the oddly-parked late-model Honda Civic, was standing next to the vehicle.

AMR paramedics find no one in need of medical attention.

“What I heard was that kids ran out into the street, and the guy swerved his car to miss them,” said Marco Hernandez, as he looked at the scene.

However, a Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division officer soon rolled up on his motorcycle. These cops aren’t called to the scene of a wreck, unless there was a fatality or traumatic injury – or the driver is suspected of driving while intoxicated.

Police officers talk with the man, said to have been driving this Honda at the time of the crash.

The Traffic Division officer conducted a field sobriety evaluation; the results are unknown.

When official information about this crash comes in, this story will be updated. In the meantime, a tow truck got the Honda out of the tree and back on the road.

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