Car crash after car crash occurs in Montavilla

Here’s why some are saying that the bad luck associated with ‘Friday the 13th’ arrived a week early, in this part of SE Portland …

A wrecker operator looks under what remains of a sub-compact car, after it reportedly rolled over on SE 82nd Avenue. He was looking for an undamaged frame point to which he could hook his tow chains. It wasn’t easy to find one.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
At least two violent accidents occurred in the Montavilla Neighborhood on July 7 – and, within minutes of each other – although they apparently were totally unrelated.

About noon, reports came in about a single car smash-up involving a small sub-compact blue coupe that rolled over on SE 82nd Avenue just north of SE Pine Street.

The roof and both sides of this car appear to be damaged in this odd one-car accident.

According to those who said they’d witnessed the accident, even though the wreck looked very violent, no one was seriously injured the smashup.

However, a woman who said she was inside Saints Peter and Paul Episcopal Church at the time came out to survey the damage.

Somehow, a heavy rock was kicked up during the wreck, smashing in a window in Saints Peter and Paul Episcopal Church’s office.

“I heard a loud noise and though something big fell over in the office,” said the woman who declined to identify herself. “But it was a big rock, or chunk of concrete, that somehow flew up and broke out this office window.”

Details are, as yet, unavailable from the Portland Police Bureau about this accident.

This late-model Hyundai’s front end was destroyed when it “T-boned” another car in the intersection.

Just minutes later on this sunny summery Saturday afternoon, a two-car collision took place two blocks away – this one at SE 80th Avenue and SE Pine Street.

For some reason, a silver Hyundai and plowed into the side of a black Audi coupe.

The crash, violent enough to cause airbags in both vehicles to deploy, left both cars in the street.

This smashed up Audi illustrates the value of side-impact air bags.

From information gathered on scene, none of the people involved were seriously injured enough to be transported by ambulance for medical care.
And the topper was that a third wreck was reported an hour or two later, also near S.E. 8th and Pine.

Again, further information from the Portland Police Bureau on all three of these crashes was unavailable at publication time.

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