‘Can do’ project still supporting Parkrose scholars and clubs

INCLUDES VIDEO VIGNETTE They’re still at it! See how bringing your deposit-return bottles and cans provides real help for Parkrose High School students, and their organizations. Next one is September 11 …

-1 Students pitch in to help during this Parkrose Bronco Boosters deposit-return bottle and can drive; some of the money raised will help fund their club activities.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Although he’s the acknowledged founder of the long-running Parkrose deposit-return bottle and can drive, Dave Luce, retired from the project in 2012. Since then, other adults have stepped up to care for Parkrose High School (PHS) students and programs by hosting monthly pick up events at Parkrose Middle School.

It’s typically held on the first Saturday of the month, unless that’s a holiday weekend – and indeed, this September, it was Labor Day weekend. So, they’ll be out accepting, sorting, bagging, and boxing deposit return bottles and cans on Saturday, September 11.

Each month, students and adults with a PHS club or organization volunteer to help with the fundraiser. For example, in August, helping out was the Parkrose Elite Dance Team.

Empty cans, like the ones she’s holding, helps support the activities of the PHS Parkrose Elite Dance Team, agrees Head Dance Coach Danielle Schneider.

“The funds we receive from this does help; yeah, absolutely!” said PHS Parkrose Elite Dance Team Head Dance Coach Danielle Schneider, amidst the clatter of aluminum cans.

“Our participation here today will help pay for costumes for our team,” Schneider told East Portland News. “It also helps pay for team meals on competition days; and helps us afford our team’s music, makeup, and hair supplies – all the things that go into making a successful dance team.”

Bottle and can drive organizer, Patty Meighen, gladly accepts a donation from neighbor and supporter Beth Reddekopp.


Funds scholarships and Senior Party
“In June, we gave six (6) $1,000 scholarships to Parkrose high school seniors, with the funds we raised,” announced the organizer, Patty Meighen.

“And, while we weren’t able to host ‘Senior All-Night Party’ like in previous years, due to COVID-19 concerns, we did provide an outdoor graduation celebration event that was enjoyed by 85 of our seniors – with a casino, mini-golf, bouncy houses, a DJ, photo booth – and also a concession stand serving hotdogs and hamburgers!

“Through the generosity of friends and neighbors, we’ve raised close to $20,000 over the last year – a dime at a time – because the community shows up every month, and helps out,” commended Meighen.

A deposit-return bottle or can at time, each donation helps PHS Teams – such as the Parkrose Elite Dance Team.

September 11: Parkrose Bronco Boosters Beverage Bottle & Can Drive
From 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., take your deposit-return cans and bottles with you to help support community educational success.

They’re at the Parkrose Middle School front entrance, at 11800 NE Shaver Street, 97220. Have a lot of cans or bottles to be picked up? Contact Patty Meighen at pmeighen@hotmail.com.

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