‘Can Crew’ keeps on raising funds for Parkrose school projects

Now that the venerated ‘Parkrose Can Man Dave’ has retired from the monthly fundraiser, see who’s continuing to turn discarded containers into cash for worthy projects …

Students and adult volunteers continue collecting deposit-return bottles and cans to support Parkrose school projects. But, that trailer in the background is new on the scene – it belongs to the new “King of Cans”, Bob Jolin.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
After so many years of coordinating the monthly deposit-return bottle and can drive, some thought that it couldn’t continue after Parkrose “Can Man Dave Luce” retired.

But, another hero has stepped up – the newly-crowned “King of Cans” is Bob Jolin.

“I had a good-sized trailer in storage,” Jolin told East Portland News at the January event in outer East Portland.

Parkrose’s new “King of Cans”, Bob Jolin, sorts beer bottles collected during the first collection drive of the New Year.

“So we cleaned it up, and put sides on the trailer – and it works real well for hauling the bottles and cans,” Jolin explained. “I’d kept the trailer for many years because I didn’t want to give it away; I always thought there might be some really good use for it. As it turns out – this is it!”

At each month’s collection, different groups from Parkrose area schools come to help sort and bag the deposit-return plastic bottles, cans, and glass bottles that Jolin then takes to commercial recyclers in Northwest Portland.

Pitching in along with her students is Parkrose High School’s choral and voice instructor, Lesley Bossart.

“Income from this project is helpful to the choir,” said Parkrose High’s choral and voice instructor, Lesley Bossart. “In fact, it’s a humongous help. We normally make $600 from participating – and hopefully we’ll hit that mark today.”

One vehicle after another pulls up for the crew to unload their empties.

“These are all just delightful people to work with,” Jolin said. “I’m happy to do it, because it’s part of community.”

He added that Dave Luce is still maintaining and servicing the can collection barrels in larger organizations and companies, thus continuing his fundraising project in support of the Parkrose High Senior All Night Party fund.

These Parkrose High Choir members – Angelissa Paez, Sierra Reagan, and Kevin Mercier – show some of the cans received in January’s collection.

Next Can Drive: February 2
From 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on February second, take over your deposit-return cans and bottles to help support these community educational efforts.

The collection is at Parkrose Middle School, on NE Shaver Street, across from Parkrose High School. It’s coordinated by Patty Meighen. Contact her at pmeighen@hotmail.com.  “Can Man Dave” Luce is still picking up the large loads – and maintaining collection barrels – at companies and large organizations; call him at (503) 255-3745.

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