‘C-SPAN Tour’ stops at Parkrose High

In this story, you’ll learn the message this TV network, carried on cable and satellite TV, is delivering to students across the nation …

Inside their mobile production studio, C-SPAN marketing representative Jennifer Curran shows students some of the programs carried on the twin-channel network.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The tour bus, turned into a mobile TV production studio for the C-SPAN TV network, looked impressive as it rolled into Parkrose High School’s west parking lot on April 7. It was the only Portland high school stop on its current west coast tour.

As groups of eight or nine students followed each other on board, they sat in comfort and learned more about C-SPAN programs from one of two marketing representatives.

Between sessions, Jennifer Curran told us, “C-SPAN is based in Washington, DC. This is a community outreach program. We’re teaching students media literacy skills and critical television viewing skills as well. Hopefully, students will become more aware of the programs available to them through C-SPAN.”

Promoting her network, Curran said the content of the twin channels is “commercial-free, unbiased, and unfiltered. It lets people see their government in action. We provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of the US House of Representatives and Senate.”

The networks are funded by cable and satellite networks, she added, and are offered to the community as a public service.

Stepping off the bus, Parkrose High student Matt Riley says he’s impressed with what he has learned.

After the formal introduction to the network, Curran pointed out the robotically-operated television cameras and production equipment on board. “Some of the programming during the last election cycle was done using this mobile production facility.”

“I thought was really awesome,” opined Parkrose High School senior Matt Riley. “It’s really a nice tool. I think I might stop for an extra second take a look at C-SPAN now.” Riley said he especially enjoyed watching the debate in England’s House of Commons.

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