Businesses learn Foster Road rehab delayed

See how the Foster Area Business Association is boosting interest in this long-overlooked business district and neighborhoods …

Gathering for an evening of networking, and to hold their meeting, are members of the Foster Area Business Association.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It was a festive evening on February 23, when members and guests of the Foster Area Business Association (FABA) gathered at Tango Berretin, for their annual meeting.

The hospitality room table was laden with Mexican food, and plenty of libations were on hand as the meeting got underway.

Sampling some of the Mexican fare at the meeting is Kristin O’Neill of Knock Out Words.

During a brief meeting of the Board of Directors, FABA’s leaders unanimously passed a new set of bylaws for the organization.

“Instead of working on the kludged set of bylaws that have been handed down for years, with the help of Venture Portland these new streamlined bylaws, vetted by attorneys, will help us operate under current ‘best-practices’,” beamed FABA President Matthew Micetic of Red Castle Games.

Bringing the organization’s new bylaws to the vote of the Board of Directors is FABA President Matthew Micetic of Red Castle Games.

“The new bylaws are more conductive to running an efficient organization, such as holding board votes on time-sensitive issues via email, instead of by fax,” Micetic told East Portland News.

Turning the topic to the vitality of the area, 87 new businesses have come to the district in just the past three years, Micetic pointed out. “These new businesses bring with them new energy on Foster Road; and, at the same time, we’re retaining the established businesses here.”

During the Annual Meeting, FABA members consider information presented to them.

At the meeting, Micetic announced that the “Foster Road Streetscape Plan”, from SE 52nd Avenue to 82nd Avenue of Roses, has been pushed back for as long as two years, while the City focuses on improving the thoroughfare further east – through Lents Town Center. The revision of Foster Road west of 82nd is still controversial with some businesses and residents.

In addition to retaining the two major public events the organization established last year, Micetic said, “We’re looking for more ways to team with our neighbors, including a litter cleanup with the neighborhood association. Some may say this is a small effort, but each small improvement makes an incremental change for the better and improves the whole area.”

Meet the new FABA Board of Directors; Justin Amrine of the Starday Tavern; Traci Hildner from Lucky Larder; Matthew Micetic of Red Castle Games; Kathy Chang from Concise Communications; Ben Martinez-Bateman of Martinez-Bateman Development Initiative; Laura Kropf from Steve Turmell Visual Communications; Allen Rowand of Gray Dog Digital; and Steve Woolard from Carts on Foster.

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