Bronco’s Tailgate Party shows team spirit, and shows off new Parkrose facilities

If you haven’t been to a football game at Parkrose High this season – better take a look at the cool thing that volunteers to support their sports program …

Lisa Jones and Joyce Brown mind the gate, selling tickets for the night’s game.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Under canopies set up on the lawn between Parkrose High School and the Bronco’s Field House, the 2009 edition of the se Education Foundation Tailgate Party got underway on October 9.

“Tonight we have more than 150 people participating,” smiled Parkrose School District Superintendent Dr. Karen Fischer Gray. “Everyone here purchased tickets for this at the annual auction earlier this spring.”

Guests were treated to a wonderful three course buffet dinner that included a Caesar salad, grilled vegetable plate, hot corn-on-the-cob, garlic mashed potatoes, and tandem entrees of tender juicy grilled steak and chicken. “Ellen Christiansen, Food Services Supervisor from our foodservices company, Chartwells, presented a delicious meal,” Gray observed – reminding us not to forget the several varieties of cheesecake being served for dessert.

Two cheerful hosts at the Tailgate Party are Parkrose High’s Principal, Ana Gonzalez, and Parkrose School District Superintendent Dr. Karen Fischer Gray.

Bob and Mary Brown, of Bob Brown Tires; and Alison Stoll, Executive Director of Central Northeast Neighbors, and her husband Wayne Stoll, from Century Associates and President of the Parkrose Business Association, were four of the 150 revelers at this year’s Tailgate Party.

Parkrose High students provided entertainment; there were raffle prizes galore; and attendees got to participate in a football lotto – based on outcomes with the team’s game later that evening with North Eugene High School.

“This event is so important, because it brings diverse parts of our Parkrose community together,” Gray told us. “And together, they’re supporting our educational foundation, and the work it does for our children.”

Gray said she hoped we’d give kudos to recognize the work that all the event volunteers put into the event to make it so successful. The list of key volunteers included Mary Larson, the school district’s Business Manager; John DiPasquale, Chair of the Parkrose Educational Foundation; and Allison Newman Woods, Foundation Secretary and Auction Chair.

Here’s the new Bronco Barn – the new, portable building built by ACE Academy students that houses Bronco-branded merchandise

Bronco’ Sports amenities added
As Tailgate Party guests walked over to the Bronco’s grandstand to watch the football game against North Eugene High, they saw something new – the Bronco Barn.

“We asked the Architectural Construction and Engineering (ACE) Academy – the school we share with the Reynolds, Centennial, and Gresham Barlow Districts – to design and build a barn for us, from which we can sell our Bronco merchandise,” explained Gray.

Inside the Bronco Barn, selling merchandise, is Parkrose High senior Ali Casey.

This building that is used to vend jackets, T-shirts, scarves, hats, and other branded merchandise, is transportable, Gray added. “The barn will be moved to the baseball field in the spring and – and then to Parkrose Farmers Market in June, to sell merchandise and then fireworks to support the Broncos Boosters.

Parkrose High junior Kim Nguyen happily prepares snacks in the newly-remodeled Broncos concession stand.

Vic Mouser and Dori Smith ring up sales in the concession stand, under the new Broncos graphic crafted by volunteer Todd Paltridge.

Volunteers give concession stand a bright look
“The concession stand was completely redone, over two long Saturdays during the summer, by volunteers from our community,” Gray told us. “There is no comparison between what it looks like now – and what it looked like before their work.”

“The team leader for the remodeling project was parent Deanne Paltridge, the Athletic Boosters Co-President,” Gray commended. “Parkrose Community Pool Manager, Michele Wilcox, and her friend Joe, along with 3 of his friends, built brand new cabinets and counters for us.”

Cheerleaders – from the high school and their younger counterparts – lead a cheer for the mighty Broncos.

Grandstand fills as game begins
Looking up at the grandstand as it filled with families rooting for the home team, Parkrose High’s Principal Ana Gonzalez looked pleased. “We have a great turnout here tonight!” she remarked.

Hundreds of folks fill the grandstand as the game begins.

Although the Broncos (in green uniforms) gave it their all, North Eugene High School squeaked passed them with a final score of 42-45.

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