‘Botanical Boo! Bash’ sells out, at Leach Botanical Garden

INCLUDES TUNEFUL VIDEO | What’s a ‘Boo! Bash’ you ask? Read all about it, and see how this garden in outer East Portland was transformed into a magical realm of tricks and treats – well, actually, mostly treats …

In the Pleasant Valley neighborhood, visitors walking this trail were dressed for the Hallowe’en theme at the Botanical Boo! Bash Harvest Festival at Leach Botanical Garden.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The afternoon of Sunday, October 29, turned the Leach Botanical Garden into a Hallowe’en adventure like no other we’ve seen in our area.

A stroll through the Garden, and warming up at the Fire Pit Plaza, as well as strolling the Aerial Tree Walk, were magical in and of themselves.

But, on this special Sunday at the Botanical Boo! Bash Harvest Festival, there was live music by Mr. Ben, the Belmont Goats, performed in costume (more or less), fall-themed crafts, popcorn and hot chocolate, and a book giveaway, too.

Ready to distribute candy to trick-or-treaters is Leach Botanical Garden are Program Director Jami LeBaron, and Events Manager and Coordinator Katherine Takata.

In the listing of this event in our Community Calendar, we did caution you that this event would likely sell out.

“Our Botanical Boo! Bash did, indeed, very quickly sell out, with about 50 people on the waitlist as well,” informed Leach Botanical Garden Program Director Jami LeBaron. “Our capacity is limited by the parking that’s available here. When we opened up more tickets, they quickly sold out as well.”

Welcoming guests to the Lower Garden Manor House area during the party – and staying completely in character – this candy-distributing quartet gave their names as Dorothy, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca.

Shedding the rest of his costume, this Belmont Goat did agree to keep wearing his hat while being petted by guests.

The “vampire sisters” who served up hot chocolate and cider in the Leach Manor House were Event Specialists Janae Toalepai, and Sarah Bnitez.

The Garden has been offering Hallowe’en family-friendly events for the last several years, LeBaron recalled. “And they’ve all been special in their own way,” she told East Portland News.

Take a look at our brief video of this event:

“In addition to the activities today, we have many staffers and volunteers in character costumes, providing with lots of trick-or-treating candy-giving opportunities around the garden!” exclaimed LeBaron.

And, indeed there was lots going on, in both the Upper Garden, an at the Leach Manor House area.

Visiting from the Woodstock neighborhood, Audrey Killoran and Kathryn Kocarni enjoyed making crafts provided by the East Portland Collective.

“It’s such a fun time for all of us to be able to provide a very relaxing and fun environment for families and children here, in our neighborhoods,” LeBaron reflected.

Throughout the year, there are many fascinating activities at Leach Botanical Garden. To learn more, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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