Bixby retires from EPNO

Find out who’s been selected as the new East Portland Neighborhood Office Director …

Many who visited East Portland Neighborhood Office Director Richard Bixby in his office in the Hazelwood neighborhood of outer East Portland, will remember seeing him here, working at his desk.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

After being involved in the outer East Portland community for 27 years, East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) Executive Director Richard Bixby retired early in March.

When he first started, Charlsie Sprague hired Bixby into a temporary position helping the director of a program working with outer East Portland neighborhood associations and community groups. Bixby went on to work as a crime prevention specialist with the East Portland District Coalition, a position he held for six years, until the nonprofit organization lost the contract.

Bixby continued with the City of Portland, providing community involvement support to the area. After the non-profit organization serving the area became dysfunctional in 2000, Bixby was chosen to be the director of a City-run coalition headquarters, renamed the East Portland Neighborhood Office.

Retired EPNO Director Richard Bixby says he’s enjoyed working with the wide variety of neighbors who are interested in helping their communities.

During his time at the office, Bixby said, he enjoyed working with the wide variety of volunteers from all walks of life, who advocated for change and improvement in the area, and assisted those who helped organize community building activities.

During his tenure, Bixby witnessed major changes in outer East Portland, both economic and demographic. He commented that the area’s residents are still grappling with how the wide diversity of people who live in this part of Portland can work together to build a stronger community.

While planning to travel, garden, and catch up on home improvement projects after his retirement, Bixby told us he’s also planning to take time to reflect on his nearly three decades of public service – and, in time, once again engage in community work, but this time as a neighbor.

“I want to say thanks to all the people I have worked with over the years: I have learned so much from you,” Bixby told East Portland News. “It has been a pleasure to be a small part of the many efforts over the years, of people working together to make their community better.”

>> Special thanks to Ron Glanville for gathering the information used in this part of the story.

Vìctor Salinas chosen to lead EPNO

New EPNO Director Vìctor Salinas heads into his new office to begin the next phase of his public service career.

After a lengthy hiring process, Vìctor Salinas was selected as the new EPNO Director, revealed Brian Hoop, of the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), in an e-mail sent on March 15.

Salinas was most recently the Marijuana Policy Program Coordinator at ONI for the last two years. Before that he was the Community Engagement Coordinator with the ONI Community and Neighborhood Involvement Center, coordinating a Community Summit, the Spirit of Portland Awards, and working with the Graffiti Abatement Program.

Prior to his City of Portland employment, Salinas led Leadership Development and Civic Engagement programs at Latino Network.

The community is invited to a welcoming open house for Salinas on April 20, from 3:00 until 7:00 p.m. at EPNO, 1017 NE 117th Avenue.

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