Beloved dad murdered in Powellhurst-Gilbert shooting

Week #93 Shooting Report | Tragedy again strikes in outer East Portland as a family man is shot, and dies on the sidewalk. But our ‘Shots Fired Log’ shows that these calls, in our area, did decline this week …

Officers, sent to the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood on a “Suspicious Circumstance” call, instead find a murder by gunshot.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Sadly, someone else in East Portland lost his life to a vicious predator with a gun this week.

However, most likely due to the diligent work of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) specialty squads – the Focused Intervention Team (FIT), and the Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) – the number of “Shots Fired” calls logged this week has decreased. However, officers were dispatched to an increasing number of such calls outside our area.

April 23
A father killed in a Powellhurst-Gilbert shooting

PPB FIT, ECST and Homicide Division investigators come to SE Powell Boulevard to investigate another shooting death.

Again, this week, SE Powell Boulevard was closed at SE 136th Avenue after PPB East Precinct officers were dispatched at 1:12  a.m. to a “Suspicious Circumstance” call there.

Arriving officers discovered it was actually a shooting call – they found a “middle-aged male” down on the sidewalk with serious gunshot wounds, and called for emergency medical responders as they attempted first aid.

Spent bullet casings are marked as evidence in this shooting – in which a suspect has yet to be identified.

“Medical crews arrived. However, the victim did not survive his injuries,” a PPB official tersely stated.

The following day, after performing an autopsy and notifying his family, the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office identified the deceased as 52-year-old José Monroy Castañeda; his cause and manner of death was ruled to be “omicide by gunshot”.

Officials identify this man, 52-year-old José Monroy Castañeda, as the deceased. GoFundMe site image

Later that day several members of Castañeda’s family spoke with reporters, and provided more information – including that he had died only a half-mile from his home in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood. They said they didn’t know anyone who’d want to murder this family man: A husband, and the father of four kids.

His family has started an online account to help pay for his funeral expenses. CLICK HERE to donate via GoFundMe.

Police say this is still an active investigation, and ask if you have information on this homicide, please contact Detective Sean Macomber, or Detective Rico Beniga, and reference Case No. 22-107170.

By the way, Castañeda was one of two men killed in shootings over the weekend east of the Willamette River. Portland’s shooting homicide toll now stands at 33 people killed so far, this year.


A large amount of found evidence at the scene of a shooting often brings a large turnout of police to calls, like this one.

With 32 “Shots Fired” calls dispatched across our area last week, the count remains steady.

However, across the greater Portland area, excluding outer East Portland, other neighborhoods reported an unprecedented 68 “Shots Fired” incidents. At these calls, officers may, or may not, find evidence of shooting.

April 20
22-105189       04/20/2022 21:27:39   5400 Block of NE 112TH AVE

22-105288       04/20/2022 23:26:22   17800 Block of NE MARINE DR

April 21
22-105306       04/21/2022 00:00:35   NE MARX ST / NE 105TH AVE

22-105396       04/21/2022 03:55:57   5200 Block of SE FLAVEL ST
22-105439       04/21/2022 06:13:46   7400 Block of SE ELLIS ST
22-105486       04/21/2022 08:07:21   4500 Block of SE 82ND AVE

April 22
22-106195       04/22/2022 01:40:58   14600 Block of SE TAYLOR CT

22-106233       04/22/2022 03:14:08   2200 Block of NE 92ND AVE
22-106282       04/22/2022 05:12:43   14100 Block of SE CENTER ST

April 23
22-107557       04/23/2022 12:43:43   3900 Block of SE 82ND AVE

22-107880       04/23/2022 19:28:56   NE 77TH AVE / NE HALSEY ST
22-107938       04/23/2022 20:37:14   8300 Block of NE MILTON ST
22-107965       04/23/2022 21:07:56   1500 Block of NE 77TH AVE
22-107986       04/23/2022 21:33:32   NE 89TH AVE/NE KILLINGSWORTH ST
22-108014       04/23/2022 22:04:49   NE 82ND AVE/NE BEECH ST

April 24
22-108164       04/24/2022 01:02:19   8300 Block of NE MILTON ST

22-108177       04/24/2022 01:20:54   2700 Block of SE 129TH AVE
22-108195       04/24/2022 01:59:40   8300 Block of NE SANDY BLVD
22-108821       04/24/2022 18:39:04   10900 Block of NE SHAVER ST
22-109028       04/24/2022 23:03:06   3700 Block of NE 102ND AVE

April 25
22-109110       04/25/2022 00:29:36   SE 72ND AVE / SE FOSTER RD

22-109226       04/25/2022 04:32:48   15500 Block of SE MILLMAIN DR
22-109545       04/25/2022 12:53:50   NE 82ND AVE / NE RUSSELL ST
22-109831       04/25/2022 19:41:23   SE 162ND AVE / SE POWELL BLVD
22-109974       04/25/2022 22:47:59   SE 57TH AVE / SE FLAVEL ST
22-109981       04/25/2022 22:53:48   12400 Block of SE CARUTHERS ST

April 26
22-110056       04/26/2022 00:42:31   400 Block of NE 76TH AVE

22-110059       04/26/2022 00:52:04   00 Block of NE 127TH AVE
22-110129       04/26/2022 03:20:24   7200 Block of SE WOODSTOCK BLVD
22-110674       04/26/2022 17:14:18   1700 Block of NE 157TH AVE
22-110944       04/26/2022 23:04:06   00 Block of SE 148TH AVE

April 27
22-111149       04/27/2022 06:22:20   SE 143RD AVE / E BURNSIDE ST

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As we conclude the Week #93 Shooting Report, there’s nothing more to be written. Will there be fewer shootings and deaths? Hopefully so.

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