“Bazaar idea” boosts Parkrose Outdoor School

Here’s another example of how volunteers are doing all they can to make sure kids have the opportunity to attend Outdoor School …

Shoppers visit the many vendors lined up to greet them in the Parkrose Middle School gym, at the inaugural Outdoor School Bazaar.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
From having a booth at the Parkrose Farmers Market, to working with the Rossi family to host an autumn “movie night” (CLICK HERE to see that story) – volunteers in the Parkrose School District have been doing all they can to make sure their youngsters have the opportunity at attend “Outdoor School” in 2012.

One of their efforts was holding a “Holiday Shopping Extravaganza and Silent Auction” – their first ever – on November 19 at Parkrose Middle School.

“We were looking for something a little bit different to raise funds,” reflected the event’s organizer, Susan Henninger. “In addition to the silent auction and raffle, we’ve offered tables to several vendors, who have home businesses like Avon and Tupperware.”

Susan Henninger, organizer of Holiday Shopping Extravaganza, and her project partner Erica Dunn greet guests at the fundraising bazaar.

Volunteers are doing all they can, Henninger told East Portland News, “Because there’s not enough funding for kids to attend Outdoor School.  Most of the kids, who have been to the school, say it’s an adventure they’ll always remember. As parents, we’re trying to keep that opportunity available for our sixth graders.”

As many as fifty volunteers from the Parkrose Parent Teacher Organization help solicit vendors, gather silent auction items and prizes for the raffle, Henninger added, as she introduced her partner in the project, Erica Dunn.

Stan Griffith with Old Fashioned Caramel Corn shows and sells his freshly-made treats.

“Someone who has given a huge amount of support to our Outdoor School program,” Dunn said, “is Judy Kennedy, from Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union. They are just amazing. They continuously support the Parkrose community in so many ways, including Little League, the school, and of course our effort to help our kids all go to Outdoor School.”

By holding the bazaar, they hoped raise about $3,000, Henninger said. “This means we still need to raise about $13,000 to make sure all of our kids can go to Outdoor School.

“If you missed our event, consider bringing a donation to the Parkrose Middle School office – they’ll make sure we get the donation.”

Shopper Joy Hamilton makes a bid in the silent auction, saying she learned of the bazaar while reading the Mid-County Memo. “I’m happy to support the fundraising efforts for Outdoor School,” she says.

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