Award-winning performer makes magic in Sellwood

Ever want to see a real magic show, close up? See why Alexander the Magician played to “sold-out” audiences in at the Sellwood Library‚

After eight silver spheres magically appear, seven of them vanish. The last one explodes into a silver streamer.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Tim Alexander, Magician, has been a professional magical entertainer for a decade. He’s won awards for his creative magic. So, what’s he doing at Sellwood Branch Library on March 30?

“I love brining the wonder of magic to people everywhere,” Alexander tells us as he’s setting up his show. “I started learning magic from books. Books can ignite the imagination. Sparking the imagination is what it is all about.”

We asked him why he’s dedicated his professional life to magical entertainment.

“I’ve always had a fascination with magic as entertainment. But the social importance of magic never struck me as acutely as it did after ‘9/11’, Alexander began.

The audience is silent, watching Alexander’s spellbinding magic, coupled with humor, stories and music. Here, glittery, silver balls appear and vanish, within inches from his audience members.

“A family had hired me to perform at a birthday party, shortly after this tragic event. Among the adults, you could feel the pain, anguish and concern from this tragedy. The kids knew it, too.”

He said it was difficult for him to “go on with the show, pretending like nothing had happened. But when the show starts, and the magic happens, the sense of wonder returns. You can see if on their faces.

“I felt like that was a pretty clear sense of purpose for the magician‚ to remind people that there still is joy and wonder in the world.”

Even a simple object, like a white cloth handkerchief, becomes magical through Alexander’s storytelling.

The free tickets for both of his shows are “sold out” well before the doors open. Through slight of hand, silver balls appear, vanish and change into a silver streamer. Alexander turns an ordinary handkerchief into a mouse. It delights the kids.

And, to the amazement of his audience, Anderson’s real, live magic bunny rabbit makes an appearance to close the show.

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