Alleged drunk driver arrested – in Sheriff’s Office parking lot!

From the “Strange but True” file: You’ll find this difficult to believe, even after you read it …

By David F. Ashton
Most suspected tipsy drivers are pulled over at night, after they’ve been seen swerving all over the road.

But on May 17, at about noon, when a Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) investigations sergeant pulled into the Hansen Building’s patrol parking lot at 12240 NE Glisan Street, he beheld a car stopped next to the entry gate.

“There were two people inside,” said MCSO Public Information Officer Lt. Steve Alexander, “and the vehicle was blocking access to the trash receptacles next to the entry gate.”

After observing the driver leave the car, Alexander continued, the sergeant contacted a captain inside the building, and asked him to go outside and check out the individual.

A MCSO Deputy arrests this man, 26-year-old Stephen Charles Wheelon, reportedly suspected of drunk driving – in the law enforcement agency’s own parking lot. MCDC photo

Their assessment of the driver didn’t take long. “They called a patrol deputy to the scene,” Alexander said, “who arrested the driver for DUII. He is identified as 26-year-old Stephen Charles Wheelon of Vancouver.”

Although MCDC records show Wheelon was “Released on Own Recognizance” from jail later in the day, he still had to make alternate transportation plans back home, because his vehicle had been impounded.

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