After a devastating blaze, the Portland Mercado food carts have reopened

But their indoor space remains closed, and when that will reopen is still uncertain …

During the week that the Portland Mercado food carts reopened, some of the venders were preparing their traditional dishes for returning patrons.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

As Portland Fire & Rescue crews were hosing down the last embers of the fire-ravaged Portland Mercado building in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood, on the morning of January 3, representatives of its owner – Hacienda CDC – said that with the water and electricity turned off, the outdoor food cart businesses hosted at the site would be closed indefinitely.

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Braving winter weather, some folks are back to dine outdoors, under the pergola, from the Portland Mercado carts.

However, just three weeks after the blaze, the Portland Mercado’s food carts reopened for business on January 26th – after crews had made the necessary repairs, approved by City of Portland inspectors, and with their water and electricity was restored.

It’s “Market Hall” – the main building which once housed the Barrio Bar, Xŏcotl juice bar – and most importantly, the commercial kitchen used by many small businesses. It will stay closed until it has been repaired.

A wall of plywood closes off the area where fire ravaged the Portland Mercado “Market Hall”.

Repeated attempts to contact Hacienda CDC representatives with whom we’ve worked in the past have been unsuccessful, so no further information is available. However, patrons can again get food-to-go from the outdoor carts – but there is still no indoor seating available there this winter season.

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