92-year-old S.E. man charged with shooting his adopted kids

Officials aren’t talking about the circumstances, but some
speculate the elderly man suffers from dementia …

The report of a double shooting – and a victim inside a home – bring a substantial police response to this Woodstock neighborhood.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Many neighbors along SE 42nd Avenue, in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood just a few blocks north of former Mayor Tom Potter’s residence, were surprised by a massive police response as patrol cars converged at the corner of SE Cora Street before 8:00 a.m. on January 16.

In the driveway of the modest home, snuggled into the hillside on the northeast corner of the intersection, officers found 49-year-old Mark Myers with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He told police he was shot by his adoptive father, 92-year-old John Wesley Myers.

Officers measure and check over the crime scene, marked out by red tape.

Traffic was halted throughout the morning while detectives examine the crime scene.

Special Emergency Reaction Team officers were activated, because officers learned that a second victim was still inside the home, along with her 12-year-old son and the suspect.

“After loud-hailing, the suspect he did come out and talk with officers,” said police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz at the scene. A neighbor said the elderly Myers looked unsteady as he stood in his bathrobe talking to officers and later walked away with them.

“Officers entered the residence and found a second victim who appeared to have a very serious wound, shot in the head,” Schmautz reported. “A Rottweiler dog was standing guard on the couch, as if protecting a female gunshot victim.”

Because the dog wouldn’t budge, and victim, identified as 43-year-old Kim Macintosh, appeared “gravely injured”, Schmautz said an officer made the decision to shoot the dog. Both gunshot victims were transported to Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital where Myers now in serious condition.

Kim Macintosh died a week later, on January 23, from injuries she sustained in the shooting.

In the driveway, marked off by red police tape, officers found one of the victims suffering from a chest gunshot wound.

The two shooting victims are the adopted children of John Myers, and the victims are brother and sister, police detectives said. Neighbors suggested that Macintosh was acting as the primary caregiver for the elderly Myers.

Detectives processing the crime scene had not determined a motive for the crime as of the time we spoke with Schmautz. “John Myers has been charged with two counts of Attempted Murder, and was lodged into the Justice Center Jail.” He was arraigned on January 20, but did not enter a plea, pending an evaluation.

Police arrested this man, John Wesley Myers, on two counts of Attempted Murder.

Relatives reportedly said John Myers had several shotguns in his home because he was an ardent bird hunter. Further, Mackintosh told them she believed that when her dad began showing symptoms of mental instability, she’d removed the ammunition from the home.

Mackintosh’s son, age 12, described as severely autistic, was found hiding in the home when police searched the house; he has been placed in temporary foster care.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Molly Dahl at (503) 823-0991 or Detective Rico Beniga at (503) 823-0692.

Sgt. Brian Schmautz talks with reporters about the double shooting after the victims were transported to OHSU for medical care.

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