22 arrested in outer East Portland ‘Retail Theft Mission’

Not only did law enforcement officers recover thousands of dollars of merchandise in the Gateway district, but also stolen vehicles and illegally possessed firearms …

By David F. Ashton

It was a good day on Monday, September 25, for retail stores and the law enforcement officers who worked to find retail thieves in outer East Portland. This means it was a bad day for 22 suspects who were caught during the day.

-1 This is just some of the merchandise recovered – along with a gun – during this “Retail Theft & Criminal Interdiction” mission in the Hazelwood neighborhood. PPB image

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct officers, along with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office’s Retail Theft Task Force, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, and Multnomah County Parole and Probation, conducted a what they call a “Retail Theft & Criminal Interdiction” mission.

The team, in conjunction with local retailers, focused on areas in the Hazelwood neighborhood – Mall 205, Gateway, and Menlo Park in East Portland.

At the conclusion of the mission, 22 people were arrested for charges that include theft, criminal trespass, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, carrying a concealed weapon, and attempt to elude in a vehicle.
The team recovered three stolen vehicles, four illegally-possessed firearms, and $6,380 worth of retail merchandise.

Outside the Gateway TARGET store, officers recovered this merchandise. PPB image

Only three (3) of the suspects arrested are still in custody:

Quincy Lawrence Young, 42, for Theft II, Crim. Trespass II, Warrant (PV), Warrant (UEMV/UUMV), Warrant (FTA Trespass I), Warrant

George R Powe III, 41, Felon In Poss. Firearm, Warrant

Feliciano Martinez Jr., 33, Warrant (Robbery II), Warrant (FTA Theft II)

These three suspects were quickly released “On Own Recognizance”

Kristin Lee Stokes, 37, Theft II, Crim. Trespass II, Warrant (FTA), Warrant (FTA Theft 2), Warrant (OCPD)

Angela Lynn Apodaca-Tift, 24, Warrant, (FTA PCS Meth), Warrant (FTA Public Indecency), Theft II

Manuel Sanchez, 28, PSV, UUMV, UEMV, Att. Elude In Vehicle, Att Elude On Foot, REAP

Released after paying bail:

Bailey Ann Warden, 25, Felon in Poss. Firearm, Unlaw Poss. Firearm Concealed, PSV, Unlaw Poss. Loaded Firearm in Public, UEMV, REAP, Theft 1
Karrie Sue Davidson, 52, Theft II

Released on “Pretrial Supervision”

Devon Patrick Flanagan, 29, Warrant, Theft III

Released after serving four days in custody “Time Served”:

Marco Antonio Martinez-Menchaca, 35, Warrant (PV UUMV)

Released to jail in another county:

Tyler Jacob Davis, 29, Warrant (DUII), Warrant (DUII), Warrant (Crim. Mis. II) Theft II
Trinity Ann Sloan Ramsey, 21, Theft II, Warrant (Theft 1), Warrant (Theft II), Warrant (Reckless Driving), Warrant (REAP)

Never taken to jail; released after being cited:

Derrick D Sterling, 43, Theft II
Bianca N Hutchins, 42, Theft III
Rita Melissa Lopez Medel, 21, Theft III

Of course, we’re not permitted – by State of Oregon law – to show you the booking photos of these arrested individuals.

We do congratulate the good work of our local law enforcement on the success of these missions.

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