2024’s Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess revealed

INCLUDES PROGRAM VIDEO | Meet Princess Jacqueline Ngo; she’ll be representing the ‘Bronco Spirit’ of her outer East Portland school to the City of Portland this season …

As in past years, “Bronco Spirit” was evident, as the Parkrose High School Theater filled with enthusiastic students, staff, and family – for the announcement of their latest Portland Rose Festival Princess …

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The start of the Portland Rose Festival season in outer East Portland usually begins in Parkrose – this year, at Parkrose High School (PHS) on March 15th at the end of the school day.

Watch our exclusive video of the Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Princess Announcement Program:

As students were streaming into the PHS Theater, PHS Principal Molly Ouche announced, “We had four candidates this year to represent our school.

Welcoming all to the 2024 Parkrose High School Portland Rose Festival Princess announcement is PHS Principal Molly Ouche.

“The candidates’ speeches to the student body were incredible; each of them were filled with school pride as they spoke,” Ouche told East Portland News. “Each of these candidates are really superbly unique; it was a very difficult decision – which candidate to choose. I’m curious to see who was selected.

“Each of these students would be an amazing representative for our school,” Ouche said, before she formally began the program.

Welcomed on stage are PHS Portland Rose Festival Princess candidates Tyonna Butler Jackson, Angie Interian-Sandoval, Jacqueline Ngo, and Celeste Ruiz Martinez.

The four PHS candidates were brought on stage through the curtains one at a time, and announced: Tyonna Butler Jackson, Angie Interian-Sandoval, Jacqueline Ngo, and Celeste Ruiz Martinez. The quartet, all looking lovely in their gowns, were cheered by their peers.

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation staff and dignitaries were next to be introduced. Representatives of each organization told about upcoming festival events.

Addressing the assembly, it’s last year’s Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess, Jolynn Ta.

It was a delight that 2023 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess, Jolynn Ta, was ab le to return to her school for the announcement and ceremony. CLICK HERE to see our exclusive article and video of her selection announcement last year.

Outgoing Princess Jolynn spoke briefly about her experiences representing the Broncos, and telling how her Unitus Mentor helped her during the year, and finished by thanking everyone for their support.

Jacqueline Ngo appears to be astonished when she hears she’s the one selected to represent her school’s ‘Bronco Pride’ during the Portland Rose Festival this year.

Then, when she heard her name read, PHS junior Jacqueline Ngo seemed truly surprised that she was selected the 2024 Parkrose High School Princess for the Rose Festival.

2024 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess Jacqueline Ngo receives her tiara.

Princess is ‘Parkrose, through-and through’
“Before I attended Parkrose High School, I graduated from Parkrose Middle School, and before that, I went to Shaver Elementary School – so you could say that I’m Parkrose, through and through,” Princess Jacqueline told East Portland News after the program.

“I stepped up to this. I’ve never done school activities like this before; so this is very much out of my range,” Princess Jacqueline acknowledged. “I hope that this experience will bring the best out of me, as I represent the best of Parkrose!”

PHS’ Princess Jacqueline is interviewed for on camera for local television stations.

“What I’ll let people know is that here in Parkrose, we are well-educated people who, at the same time, bring the most fun to town!” sparkled Princess Jacqueline. “Our school is one of the most diverse in Oregon – but I want people to know there’s way more than diversity here. We’re people who know how to study and learn, make connections, and we’re a tightknit community – who still do know how to have fun!”

The new Parkrose Princess stays busy; her school-based activities include: National Honors Society, Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity Tennis, the Student Health Action Council, the Asian Youth Society, Mock Trial, AVID, and Fan Dance.

Congratulations to 2024 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess Jacqueline Ngo.

After she graduates from Parkrose High in the class of 2025, Princess Jacqueline plans to study Computer Science and also Criminal Justice, and she is considering a career as a Cyber Forensics Analyst. Her career goals will be supported by a $3,500 scholarship presented by The Randall Group.

Learn more about the 2024 Portland Rose Festival, and all that it has to offer, by visiting their official website: CLICK HERE.

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