2015 Parkrose ‘Princess’ revealed

Discover why the student body cheered, when Cristell Gonzalez Perez was announced as the Broncos’ representative to this year’s Portland Rose Festival …

Students, eager to find out who will represent “Bronco Pride” during the 2015 Portland Rose Festival, find seats in the Parkrose High School Theater.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The Parkrose High School Theater was abuzz with excitement as students filled the auditorium on March 9, as the Portland Rose Festival princess selection program got underway.

Portland Rose Festival candidates Lilia Bechtel, Jade Bradford, Cristell Gonzalez Perez, and Theresa Nguyen stepped to the stage, still colorfully decorated for the Theater Department’s production of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Parkrose High Princess candidates Lilia Bechtel, Jade Bradford, Cristell Gonzalez Perez, and Theresa Nguyen smile as they greet staff and students.

After welcoming everyone to the assembly, Portland Rose Festival Association officials spoke briefly about the upcoming events, and invited students to attend the Queen’s Coronation in June.

Unitus Community Credit Union “Rose Festival Princess Mentor” Karen Salman gives each of the candidates a gift. Here, she’s presenting that memento to Cristell Gonzalez Perez.

Hearing her name called, Cristell Gonzalez Perez realizes she’s been selected to represent her school at the Portland Rose Festival.

Parkrose High School Princess Cristell Gonzalez Perez greets her “subjects”, saying she looks forward to “showing what Bronco Pride means, to the whole city!”

17-year-old Princess Gonzalez Perez is a Parkrose High Senior, with plans of studying science at Portland State University and pursue a career as a Pediatrician. Helping reach her goal, she will be presented with a $3,500 scholarship provided by The Randall Group valid for any accredited college, university, or trade program.

Gonzalez Perez revealed that she’s involved with Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, a student organization that promotes higher education, culture, and history, as well as participating in Student Senate, Linkcrew, Key Club, Parkrose High School Tennis Team, and Jobs 101.

Posing for a formal portrait is Parkrose High School Princess Cristell Gonzalez Perez, surrounded by her court, Lilia Bechtel, Jade Bradford, and Theresa Nguyen.

“The best part about being a student here at Parkrose High,” Gonzalez Perez told East Portland News, “is being able to see the diversity at our school; it’s like no other.”

Where student diversity is best seen, she said, is at the Multicultural Night. “I am in a group of Hispanic dancers, where we show traditional Hispanic folkloric dances from different parts of Mexico.”

What Princess Gonzalez Perez said she most looks forward to in the Rose Festival is “Enjoying through this journey with the other Rose Festival Princesses; my new sisters. I’m so excited to meet them!”

Welcome Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess Cristell Gonzalez Perez!

After seeing her first Portland Rose Festival in the fifth grade, Princess Gonzalez Perez said she was immediately enthralled by the color and pageantry. “This was the moment when I knew I wanted to be on the Rose Festival Court.”

Cheer on Princess Gonzalez Perez at the Queen’s Coronation, to be held at 8:30 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, just before the start of the 2015 Grand Floral Parade.

For more information, see the Portland Rose Festival Association’s official website: CLICK HERE.

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