Victims stagger away from wreck caused by careless driving on NE Glisan St.

Look at these two totaled vehicles, one on its side, and you too will wonder how the occupants were able to walk away from this accident‚

Police say “careless driving” was the cause of this accident which totaled two vehicles in Hazelwood. Officers are talking with the occupants and witnesses at the scene.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Two vehicles collide‚ both of them are totaled, and one is on its side‚ but this accident on May 14 isn’t being blamed on bad weather, mechanical failure, or a drunk at the wheel.

Instead, police on scene tell us the wreck on NE Glisan St at 117th Ave. is a simple case of careless driving.

Everyone limped away from this wreck‚ police say all of them were wearing seat belts. You can see the deployed air bags in the SUV.

“It looked like the minivan was trying zip through traffic,” said eyewitness Jerome Jackmann. “It happened so fast; but it looked like the minivan was trying to cross Glisan St,. and pulled right in front of the SUV.”

Both the driver and passenger in the minivan, and the driver of the SUV, were treated for minor injuries at the crash site.

A traffic officer takes measurements and writes up his report – and ticket.

“No one is going to jail‚ or the hospital‚ today,” says an investigating police officer as he looks at his notes. “But someone is going to get a ticket for careless driving.”

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