Sheriff’s deputies wait tables, for Special Olympics tips

See why these hard-working law enforcement folks in green spend their free time bussing tables, pouring water, and delivering orders, at this Mall 205 area restaurant …

Mall 205 Red Robin customers Christopher, Sam and Kathy Calkins are welcomed by Dep. Jordan Philpot.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Last month, customers at the Mall 205 Red Robin Restaurant were treated to extra-special service by green-uniformed law enforcement personnel.

“We’re here to earn tips to support Special Olympics of Oregon,” explained Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Lt. Jason Gates.

Brad Bingham, GM Mall 205 Red Robin, Elyse Seisser, Red Robin server; Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department Dep. Jonathan Zwick; Dep. Joshua Zwick (brothers); and Dep. James Erickson — at Tip-A-Cop day, serving the families of sisters-in-law Melissa Baldwin and Valerie Harvey.

“Today, we have two teams here, each working four hour shifts. All of the donations we get are tax deductible,” Gates told us. “All of these deputies are volunteering their own time for this. Volunteerism is important to us at MCSO.”

Marilyn Davanzo and Joey Davanzo are served by MSCO Dep. James Erickson.

The restaurant’s manager, Brad Bingham, said that they love hosting this outer East Portland event. “We’re proud to be participating an event that gives so much back to the community. And, the deputies are surprisingly good workers!”

In his last act as Public Information Officer for MCSO (he’s going on to other duties), Lt. Jason Gates filled us in on the statistics: Twelve MCSO members volunteered during the 8 hour event; 246 patrons of Red Robin donated to the Special Olympics.

“In total,” he reported, “we raised $3,127.38 — an increase of about $500.00 over last year. We’re grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community.”

Deputies get their “marching orders” during the shift crew meeting led by Red Robin staff members. Check out those official law enforcement aprons!

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