Pedestrian slain crossing SE Division Street

Police say an elderly lady stepped out into traffic; read on to see what officials said about the driver that hit her …

Looking west on SE Division Street, police say this blue Geo hit and killed the woman as she crossed the busy street on Saturday.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Another pedestrian was killed in outer East Portland on March 10.

Information about the accident that took the life of an 87-year-old woman as she crossed SE Division St. near SE 170th Ave. on a busy Saturday morning, minutes before noon.

“According to information gathered by Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct officers and Traffic Division Fatal Investigators,” says spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz, “it appears that the deceased stepped into the street from between two cars, and may not have been visible until just prior to the collision.”

Paramedics from Gresham Fire Bureau treat the woman who is said to have been driving the vehicle involved in the accident.

Investigators believe the collision occurred when the deceased begin to walk northbound across Division St. and was hit by the driver of a Geo, traveling eastbound on Division St.

“Immediately upon arrival,” Schmautz continues, “officers found the body of a woman who appeared to have sustained numerous injuries in the collision.”

Noontime Saturday Division St. traffic is snarled for hours while the crash scene is investigated.

Driver visibly shaken
59-year-old Shirley Robinson, the driver of a Geo, waited near the crash scene.

“Investigators found no evidence of impairment and speed is not a factor in the collision,” Schmautz comments.

Authorities are postponing the release of the deceased’s name until after her family is notified.

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