Obscured sign a factor in T-bone crash

Did leaves really keep this truck driver from seeing the stop sign? See for yourself‚ and the damage this NE Portland accident caused‚

Portland Fire & Rescue firefighters from Truck 2 help paramedics prepare a driver injured in this collision.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
As foliage grows out, we notice more and more stop signs being hidden by the leaves.

“The driver of a van, heading west on NE Wygant Street, says she didn’t see the stop sign at NE 112th Avenue,” reported Portland Police Bureau East Precinct Officer Michael Leisure.

By looking at the damage, it appeared as if the van’s driver was traveling at a good clip when she collided with a sedan.

Regardless who was at fault, two vehicles were wrecked, and two people went to the hospital because of the accident.

The driver of the van appeared shaken, but said she was OK. Two of the occupants of the auto were transported to the hospital by ambulance; their condition remains undisclosed.

“The driver has the responsibility to look for traffic control signs‚ and to make sure the intersection is clear‚ even if they have the right-of-way,” Leisure told us at the scene.

What do you think? It looks as if leaves from the tree’s overhanging branches do partially block the view of the sign.

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