NE kiddy burglary ring smashed by cops

Many victims found it hard to believe their homes were ransacked by juveniles who were not yet old enough to drive …

Using simple hand tools, cops say young punks busted into NE homes to steal.

Story and photo illustration by David F. Ashton
While investigating a string of residential burglaries, Portland’s East Precinct police detectives started seeing a pattern. The burglars generally forced entry through a door and stole small items such as portable electronics, credit cards and cash.

Detectives told us that they saw similarities among more than 100 residential break-ins that occurred along NE Fremont St., between Northeast 39th Ave. and Northeast 82nd Ave.

Based on information they developed, East Precinct detectives and officers from the Neighborhood Response Team executed a search warrant on December 5. They raided a home in the 5800 block of NE Prescott St. in connection with an ongoing investigation of residential burglaries in three separate precincts.

Suspected crooks not old enough to drive
In the case so far, police have arrested suspects 15-year-old Noah Hanning, 13-year-old Leighton Hanning, and 14-year-old Kyle Francis, and charged each with one count of Burglary in the First Degree.

These youthful suspected criminals fancied themselves part of a loosely-knit street gang known by the acronym “FDP”, which they told detectives means “F*** Da Police”. Cops said they used proceeds from their crimes to buy pot.

If you live in this area, and your home was hit in the last couple of months, call the East Precinct Property Crimes detectives at (503) 823-4802 and give ’em a hand.

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