Mexican Meth dealers busted in Montavilla

These death-peddlers thought they could hide their dope-for-sale in the battery of their vehicle. But, see what East Precincts Crime Reduction Unit cops found when they under their vehicle’s hood ‚Äì and in their motel room ‚Ķ

This wad of American cash, and dope, stashed in this car battery are sending two meth dealers to jail. (PPB CRU Photo)

Story by David F. Ashton
The night manager of the motel thought a couple of his lodgers looked and acted a bit sketchy. He did the right thing – and called the cops.

Not just any police came out. Portland Police’s crack East Precinct Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) showed up at the motel in the 9700 block of SE Stark St.

Based on the information from the manager, the CRU cops tapped on the door of the suspects in a motel room. CRU officers know how to legally coax crooks into conversation. While they chatted, the officers spotted a wad of cash ‚Äì $6,480 to be exact ‚Äì in the motel room. The suspects then gave officers permission to check out their vehicle.

Oh, so clever! These dope dealers rigged a batter to still give juice while it holds a big stash of drugs and cash. (PPB CRU Photo)

Battery turns out to drain dealers’ stash
CRU cops know all the tricks. They found the vehicle’s battery rigged with a hidden compartment. Inside the battery compartment, officers found approximately 2 pounds ‚Äì not ounces, but POUNDS ‚Äì of methamphetamine and $44,260 in cash.

They hooked up and arrested 25-year-old Cristobal Valencia-Santoyo and 24-year-old Juan Carlos Lopez-Valencia on one count each of Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Both claimed to be Mexican National residents and were given a new room at the Hotel Graybar ‚Äì the Multnomah County Jail.  ICE has placed a hold on both suspects.

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