Woodstock hosts neighborhood picnic for 1,500

Some neighborhoods go all out for National Night Out. But the big event for this neighborhood is super-sized family picnic in the park. Take a look …

Volunteer Julie Neburka, here cutting the watermelon given out by the Woodstock Neighborhood Association.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Throughout Saturday, August 18, families from miles around filtered into Woodstock Park and joined the relaxed throng at the third annual Woodstock Neighborhood Picnic.

It wasn’t easy tracking down Ruthann Bedenkop, the event’s organizer. She was busy coordinating dozens of volunteers to make sure the picnic ran smoothly.

This duo from the Deviant Dance group performed with grace.

“This is the third year since we revived the picnic,” Bedenkop told us. “This year we received a small neighborhood grant to support it. We were able to reach out to underrepresented groups this year. And, we were able to get special acts in this year.”

The midway emptied into the performance area when “Captain Bogg and Salty’s Band” was on stage performing their show. We saw a lot of kids – and even some adults – singing along during several of their numbers. “They’re playing here courtesy of the Woodstock Library,” said Bedenkop. “We’re thankful for the library’s participation.”

In all, organizers estimate more than 1,500 people came to the picnic.

“Not only is this a fun, family event,” Bedenkop commented, “it’s a great way for organizations come together and share information about the services they offer. It builds community.”

Our 2007 Woodstock Neighborhood Picnic photo album

More than 1,500 people visited the midway, lined with booths for community services, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Elisha Hampton scampers up the Portland Parks & Recreation climbing wall.

Enjoying a slice of Roma’s Pizza is Brookelynne Ormsbee.

The Woodstock Community Center’s Tae Kwon Do class, lead by sixth-degree master Mr. Gary Wright, demonstrates their martial arts skills.

Writing your reporter’s first name (David) in Russian is Yaroslavna Kosmina; she’s representing the IRCO International Language Bank.

All day long, folks lined up for Otto’s Sausages, here being cooked up by David Braman.

Captain Bogg meets enchanted kids after their show.

This year’s Woodstock Picnic was sponsored by Safeway, BiMart, The UPS Store, John L. Scott Realtors, Southeast Uplift, City Sanitary and THE BEE.

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