Woodstock Festival and Parade shone as bright as did the day

See Mayor Tom Potter join the merry throng as this great summer festival comes back to life, thanks to dedicated volunteers …

Grand Marshal Mayor Tom Potter and his wife, Woodstock Neighborhood residents, ride down the boulevard. (See our photo album below!)

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Because 2005 saw no Woodstock Festival, many people in that neighborhood thought the ten-year-old tradition was forever gone.

But, thanks to the efforts of Woodstock Community Business Association board member Cristy Landers and many volunteers, fun and frivolity filled the boulevard as the festive event returned on July 15.

The eclectic parade began at 11:00 am; the procession of people on foot, stilts and bikes, as well as riders of Segues and other motorized conveyances, pleased the large crowd gathered along the sidewalks of the boulevard. Handfuls of wrapped candy thrown by the participants kept the attention of the children from lagging.

The fun didn’t end after the parade passed by. Four stages along the Woodstock business district provided music, crafts, and entertainment for revelers of all ages. The scent of all kinds of food, cooked and served outdoors, filled the afternoon air.

“This is the best festival ever,” said 6-year-old Breanne Walker. “But, this is the first one I’ve attended,” she confessed. Judging the smiles seen on almost everyone’s face, the return of the Woodstock Festival and Parade was a very good idea.

2006 Woodstock Parade and Fair Photo Album

Gary, Lindsey, Kob, and Denise Lamb say they didn’t have to travel far to enjoy the parade ‚Äì only from SE 48th and Knight St.

These colorful bicyclists say that today, they are called the Tetanus Awareness Society – subject to change, by the end of the route!

Bystanders were amazed to see how these Reed College students nimbly danced on stilts.

Mother Goose, one of the festivals’ entertainers, encourages people to come see her magic show by having them repeat a silly nursery rhyme.

The Segue Drill Team dazzled folks lining the streets by performing spontaneous- looking patterns – the success of which appeared to amaze even the riders.

3-8P Supporting the fair and parade are Woodstock Neighborhood Association members Lonnie Port, Moshe Lenske, Helen Jones, Jan Elliott, and Mike Rocheleau.

Don Renda and Geneva get their freshly-grilled hot dog from Kikki King, in front of Mickie Finn’s Restaurant.

Brent Stephens of “Pacific Rainbow Shave Ice” presents a colorful, cool treat to Karen MacKnight.

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