Summer celebration spans length of SE Division and Clinton Streets

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Last Regiment Drum Corps leads off the Division-Clinton Street Parade with a resounding syncopated beat.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
From the parade to the pizza-eating contests, sidewalk sales to snow-cones, this year’s Division-Clinton Street Fair and Parade provided an entire day of family fun for neighbors and visitors.

“Our event showcases commerce and community,” said Nancy Chapin, one of the event’s coordinators. “It is the biggest and best ever!”

These fans are enthusiastic about this year’s parade – and let the participants know by waving.

Long parade is all down hill
Their Community Parade was the longest ever. The route was from SE 50th Avenue and Division Street west to SE 21st Avenue – where it turned south to SE Clinton Street, and then east to SE 27th Avenue. To the relief of those walking in the parade, this year’s new routing was mostly on a downgrade.

The Last Regiment Drum Corp set the parade’s pace, followed by a colorful procession of decorated bicycles, costumed participants, sports teams, peace protesters, families, cars, and yes – the famed Division Street Motor Scooter Drill Team.

For nearly 30 blocks – from SE 20th Avenue to SE 50th Avenue – businesses along SE Division Street show their wares. Side streets along the way are lined with commercial and public service cabanas.

50-block Street Fair
When it comes to their Street Fair, taking it all in is a tall order. It ran along SE Division and SE Clinton Streets from SE 12th Avenue to 60th Avenue. The Oregon City Trolley and Pedi-cabs provided transportation to fairgoers.

Along the main streets, businesses held sidewalk sales, provided entertainment and craft demonstrations. On the sides-streets, cabanas were set up for businesses, community organizations and vendors to meet the public.

Live music filled the air from six locations; bounce rooms and other entertainment delighted the kids. One could easily have spent the entire day strolling these SE Portland streets and not see everything.

Photo Album
Enjoy some of the sites we saw while at this year’s parade and fair:

Bernardo Gomez, Deanne and daughter Tatiana ride the parade route in style – in their custom-made, sidecar motor scooter.

Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams walked the parade route, taking time to shake hands – and give hugs – to SE Portland neighbors.

Brigitte Tisseur tempts those passing by Petite Provence with a delicious pastry. We know it was delicious; we purchased the one she holds!

Sharon Nyberg, glass bead artist creates a tiny work of art; Hilary Foote and Kestrel Rayfield Foote admire her skill.

Kids literally jump for joy at the Division-Clinton Street Fair!

We’re told 1,550 people were counted going through Oregon Episcopal School’s LEGO  show, in a section of the former Nature’s store on Division; students showed off their computer-controlled creations.

Mr. Accordion fills the street with lively tunes for his small, but appreciative audience.

Meet the Division-Clinton District business people
If you have a business in this part of SE Portland, consider checking into their business organization. Find out more at

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