Southeast summer celebrations with Brooklyn ice cream soir?©e

A new tradition in Brooklyn draws neighbors together at a delightful end-of-summer fling. Take a look at all they had going on …

Getting cool treats are Max Cristian, and Alex and Cindy Plous. They’re being served 25-cent ice cream treats by Brooklyn neighborhood volunteer Amanda Stuke.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The Ice Cream Social we attended in Brooklyn not long ago wasn’t located in the New York borough ‚Äì it was right here in River City!

The chair of the Brooklyn Action Corps, Adam Tischler, described his southeast Neighborhood: “We’re a pretty small neighborhood. But we’re incredibly diverse. Our area, bordered by the railroad tracks and the Willamette River and two major roads, is like Portland in miniature. Homeowners and renters; well to do, and those of modest means, have chosen to live here.”

Chair of the Brooklyn Action Corps Adam Tischler draws tickets for kids door prizes at their annual family-friendly neighborhood event.

Tischler told us most of the association’s efforts are spent on serious issues like land use, crime prevention, and advocacy. “This event gets everyone together to meet one another. There’s a ton of stuff for kids to do here.”

Bringing neighbors together is important, he explained, because the neighborhood is in flux as more families move into it.

“Not your average Joe” Mishkin was in Brooklyn to clown, juggle, and twist balloons, much to the delight of adults and kids.

Kathy Orton, Brooklyn Historic Society, shows neighbors the building located on the street where they now live. “I’ve become addicted to it since I moved here in 1978. It’s just fun.”

“We’re all so busy,” Tischler continued. “This event gives people a chance to hang out, enjoy some simple pleasures like eating ice cream and barbecue with your neighbors.”

Cooking hot dogs is Mike James, who serves up big juicy hot dogs which are, almost too big for the buns. It was a fund-raising event for Loaves and Fishes.

Brandon Holder is being introduced to Ginger, a bull python by Michael McKay with the Zoo Zap team.

While Tischler admitted that the neighborhood association takes a chance on bad weather by holding the annual event on the first weekend after Labor Day, he said, “It gets better every year. You can’t beat it.”

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