Rose Festival’s Parkrose Cruise-in attracts 135 classy rides

See lots of photos of this great event, put on by the Parkrose Business Association, which raised enough money to fund three scholarships for Parkrose High seniors next year …

On a hot day like this, everyone thanked Parkrose School District (Michael Taylor, Superintendent) for providing a grassy field – instead of a sizzling asphalt tarmac, for the event.

Photos and story by David F. Ashton
Almost any kind of unique vehicle one could imagine was at the 2006 Rose Festival Cruise-in in Parkrose on June 24. There were tricked out contemporary cars and motorcycles, vintage racers, trucks, and military vehicles on display.

Some said the scorching hot weather kept the attendance down slightly, at this –the only Rose Festival sanctioned event held in outer East Portland. But it was clear, from the faces of the participants and attendees alike, that this event was a success by all measures.

“I’m so happy to be here,” said Sarah Lang, a winner of a 2006 Parkrose Foundation Scholarship. “I’m going to Pacific University next year. And it’s wonderful that our event raised enough money to fund three scholarships for Parkrose High seniors next year, too!”

Those who love cars weren’t disappointed. The wide array of vehicles was second to none. And, look at the photos below, and see why people in Parkrose are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Cruise-in “Pit Boss” Marsha Lee gets Portland Commissioner Sam Adams ready to give out one of many awards.

Gail Bash, starts up a “Blow-Up” car ‚Äì a vehicle drained of oil and coolant. For $1 a guess, participants estimate how many minutes and seconds it will take for the car’s engine to seize up.

Climbing the wall at the Kids Play Center is Alan Schmidt – he and his folks came to the Rose Festival Cruise-in from Beaverton.

Remote control racer Richard Donovan working on his Low-C JRSX 10th Scale Electric, 10-turn. Donovan’s comment: “I’m not winning, but I sure am having fun!” (Learn more about this great hobby at

Working the Parkrose Rose Festival Cruise-in’s “Company Store” are Cheryl Boud, Deidre Bond and Debbie Hollingsworth.

Eric Johansson, and Rob Kleyla of Davey Tree Service/OrganiCare give us an up-high view of the Cruise-in.

Here’s Keth Lewis with his yellow ’66 Shelby Cobra replica. “I always wanted one,” Lewis said. We asked if it was fun to drive. “It’s more fun than it looks. Much more.”

Kellie and Duane Caseday show off the 1911 White dump truck that they say has been in the family since it was brand new.

With many food vendors on hand, no one went hungry. Chef Edgar and Eileen Stocker brought great Steamers Restaurant food to the Cruise-in patrons.

To the music of the rockin’ band, Kelton McElhaney and Sadie McElhaney try doing the Hula Hoop.

A 2006 Parkrose Foundation scholarship winner, Sarah Lang, handing out an award. Lang will attend Pacific University next year.

For the third time, Lyle Davis wins “Best of Show 2006 Rose Festival Cruise-in”. He’s standing in front of his red ’39 Chevy Sedan, with name sponsor, Rex Hollingsworth of Rex Heating and Cooling.

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