Rockn’ real estate investor now sells songs

See how his brother ‚Äì one of the original Portland rock group, The Kingsmen —  follows his passion, and turns it into a rockin’ good time ‚Ķ

Sorry we don’t have a PodCast running here on our website yet, but if we did you could hear the great sounds as they were laid down by the Dennis Mitchell Band, photographed here at the New Copper Penny in Lents a few weeks ago.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
When he was young, Dennis Mitchell was known has the “little brother” of Mike Mitchell, lead guitar player of The Kingsmen (of Louie, Louie fame).

“We’ve been playing together, on and off for years,” Dennis told us before a gig at the Pantheon Ballroom at Lent’s NCP in late April. “I guess rock rhythms run in the family.”

Folks into the local music scene will perhaps remember that Dennis had a band called “No Ties” in the 1980s. He took time off music to invest in and manage real estate, but “music just calls to me.”

The band also rocked out on May 21 at the Crystal Ballroom as part of a successful benefit for ’60s and ’70s light show guru Gary Ewing.

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