Professional theatrical entertainment returns to East County

Whether you’re in the mood for a light-hearted comedy‚ or a touching story of family relationships‚ plan now to see “LUV” or “On Golden Pond”, presented by the Mt. Hood Repertory Theater Company right now …

Portraying as Norman and Ethel Thayer, Jane Fellows and Tobias Andersen star in “On Golden Pond”; a moving story featuring universal themes of mortality, family relationships, marriage, and generations.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
If you’d like to spice up your summer by enjoying three professional theatrical programs ‚Äì you don’t have to brave the torn-up streets downtown, not to mention not having to fight for a parking space and spend a small fortune for tickets.

Instead, plan now to take in all three productions offered this season by the professional actors and entertainers from the Mt. Hood Repertory Theater Company. The productions are on stage NOW through August 19.

On Golden Pond
Wait — please read this ….Based on seeing the movie, we considered not going to see the play. But, we discovered that this presentation is NOT a “live action version” of the movie. The MOVIE is slow and sappy.

This show sparkles. This On Golden Pond — the original Broadway play — is funny, snappy, sassy, fast-moving, light-hearted and delightful. The entire cast works magic on stage. When the show ended, audience members (including us) jumped to their feet to give a standing ovation — as if a chior director instructed church members to stand.

After the show, the comment most heard repeated by patrons was, “Wow! I didn’t much care for the movie, but this show is GREAT!”

The story …
See how the lives of a tart-tongued retired professor and his wife‚ Norman and Ethel Thayer‚ change, when their peaceful country life is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of soon-to-be their grandson.

Norman revels in taking his youthful ward fishing and thrusting good books at him, but he finds he’s schooled in modern teenage awareness and slang in return.

Will Norman die from a heart attack? Or, will he and Ethel be granted another summer next year, on Golden Pond?

Come, and you’ll see how some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest actors ‚Äì Tobias Andersen, Jane Fellows, and former Miss Oregon Beth McShane, Doug Richardson, William Barry and Tanner Ward as young Billy Ray, bring this warm and moving 1978 off-Broadway hit to life.

On Golden Pond plays Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:00 p.m., through August 19, 2007. Highly Recommended.


This satire explores, in comedic terms, what “love” means to each of us: How much do you love me? How much should I love you? What will you do for me if you love me? What happiness (or pain or sorrow or heartbreak or joy) will loving you bring me?

Milt Manville meets an old college friend, Harry Berlin, after sixteen years. Milt is in an unhappy marriage to Ellen, and he wants Harry to fall in love with Ellen, so that he can then marry someone else.

Harry and Ellen meet, and do fall in love immediately,  with unintended consequences. We’re warning you‚ from the scenes we’ve previewed‚ be ready for a comedy filled with non-stop, side-splitting laughter.

The script is great, but the comedic abilities of David Meyers (as Milt Manville), Liz Young (as Ellen Manville), and Patrick Wohlmut (as Harry Berlin) make this zany comedy sparkle.

LUV (in the Mt. Hood Studio Theater) and plays Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m.; Sundays: 2:00 p.m. through August 19, 2007.

Down through The Decades: A Musical Revue
During the summer season on Sunday nights, the cabin “On Golden Pond” has new occupants!

Come see a seasoned group of veteran musical theatre powerhouse talent assemble with one goal in mind: to write the ultimate “musical theatre revue”. It’s like “A Prairie Home Companion” meets “The Big Chill” for a night at “The Tony Awards”.

This hilarious and gifted group of friends sing through the mega-hits and flops “down through the decades” of Broadway favorites.

Songs from George M. Cohan to Stephen Sondheim, from George Gershwin to Rodgers and Hammerstein‚ and several other composers thrown in‚ make this an evening of music and mirth you’ll long remember.

Down Through the Decades plays on two Sunday evenings, August 5th and 12th; curtain time is 7:00 p.m.

Buy your tickets now!
All these plays perform in The Mt. Hood Community College Theater Main Stage and Studio Theatres.

Plan now, and buy your tickets. Call (503) 491-5950, or buy online at

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