Pirates invade Portland; screams can be heard for blocks

Screams of laughter, that is. While this isn’t an East Portland event, take a look at this wild “Pirate Party” we attended in St. Johns recently ‚Ķ

On the Pirate Festival stage are instigators Kate Larsen, Shuhe, Cpt. Bogg, and Broadside Johnnie. Fortunately, we weren’t forced to “walk the plank”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Occasionally, we venture from the safe realms of East Portland seeking excitement and adventure. On September 23, we found it at the Pirate Festival at Cathedral Park in the St. Johns neighborhood.

Buccaneers Jenny Rideout and “Salty Ruby”, enjoying a day at the festival of all things pirate.

We were told that the “Brotherhood Of Oceanic Mercenaries”, a/k/a BOOM, and others, were behind this festival — at which cannons roared, cutlasses clashed, and chanties were sung, as attendees re-enacted “The Golden Age of Piracy.” (Learn more at www.boompirates.com.)

But, we had found out about it by way of our favorite scallywags, Captain Bogg & Salty. We’ve documented this band over the years as they’ve emerged as the ultimate pirate rock band for all ages. Perhaps you read about the Sellwood Park “library rock shows” for the kids a few weeks ago.

Dan Koslicki, Kristen Ferris and Luke Dempsey join up for some pirate fun.

Dressed in costume, Luke Dempsey and his pals looked they were having a great time at the festival. “I came here from Oregon City. It’s so much fun.”

“Captain Bogg and Salty is the reason I came today. I love ’em,” Kristen Ferris told us.

Dan Koslicki said “It is a great time to hear some good music, see some really — and I mean really — interesting people, while we get away from the ‘real world’ for a while.”

Those lucky enough to get a ticket got to step back in time for an interactive adventure aboard the War of 1812 American Privateer “Lynx”. Those who took the trip said that history came alive for them, on board this beautiful 122-foot Schooner.

Thryce Wycked Wenches were singing “You can’t be a pirate with all of your parts; it’s all fun and games till you lose a hand” ‚Äì and, other rather bawdy-but-delightful songs whose lyrics are better sung then printed. (See www.getwycked.org .)

Plying their wares and providing exotic (not erotic) entertainment are practitioners of “dance Orientale, Kiara and Namira Azar.

Captain Bogg told us, “The festival has turned out even better than we’d ever expected! We certainly intend to do this again next year!”

Last chance for pirate fun on October 22
If you missed the Pirate Festival, or their big library event in Sellwood Park, “weigh anchor” with Captain Bogg & Salty as they perform pirate jigs, galloping rock and mermaid lullabies one more time this fall at Midland Library.

Discover the tradition of pirate music as the band sings tales and tunes for buccaneers of all ages. Hey, these guys are fun, so plan on coming early to get a seat, even if you don’t have kids! Their show runs from 3 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 22nd. Space at programs is limited; seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis — at Midland Library, 805 S.E. 122nd Ave.

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