Merry musician makes music that tickles tots and teens

He claims that music truly is the “universal language” ‚Äì see how Rich Glauber uses jokes and songs to tempt kids into the library ‚Ķ

Using the magic of music to make friends with kids, Rich Glauber brings his program to Sellwood Branch Library as part of its Fall Programs schedule.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Portland-area musician Rich Glauber travels the globe as a performer. Recently, he has appeared in Costa Rica, Israel, and Spain.

So, what was this classically-trained musician doing – first sitting on the floor, then dancing around the meeting room – at the Sellwood Branch Library on November 4?

“I’m doing my favorite thing,” Glauber told us, “sharing the wonder and delight of music with kids.”

Early in the program, some parents acted concerned when their little ones started sitting closer and closer to the musician. “It’s OK, we’re all having fun today,” Glauber said as he started into his next song.

It wasn’t long until both children and parents fell under Glauber’s spell.

Because he brought a large number of percussion instruments, soon listeners became performers as he played and sang original songs.

Glauber wasn’t sitting on the floor for very long. Soon, playing his Tango Accordion, he was more like the “Pied Piper”, leading both kids and adults around while they sang and did an eclectic dance.

Says libraries are ‘positive energy places’
As Glauber was getting ready for his show, we asked him why he liked performing in, of all places, libraries.

“The library is one of the last bastions of positive energy in the community. It is a place where the arts can live.” With funding problems, he added, it is difficult for schools to bring in special music programs.

“Look at these kids,” Glauber beamed. “From toddlers to young teenagers, parents and grandparents, they’re all here to enjoy the program. I look to put out positive energy into this positive place.”

At other locations, we’ve seen Glauber put on his energetic program. But, does he get anything back from his young audiences?

“Absolutely! I get energy from all these smiles I see here today. I totally get back more good energy than I give. People are moving and having fun. It is a small room, but we’ll all be moving and having fun. As you saw, we get the parents moving, too. The kids see the parents get involved, and it turns them on to participate, too!”

When he’s not trekking around the globe, Glauber shares his “Music in Action” around the Pacific Northwest area.

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