Lively Latin music fills Midland Library

There are more than books at your local branch library. See what others heard during this cultural – and entertaining – presentation …

Accomplished guitarist Alfredo Muro, accompanied by percussionist Dave Fischer, filled Midland Library with rich musical passages in December.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
As part of a continuing series featuring cultural presentations of arts from around the world, Midland Library hosted an innovative program for its patrons a few weeks ago.

Although some said his commentary was slightly over-amplified, Lynn Darroch wove tales highlighting Latin culture artistry.

Entitled “Beyond the Border: Musical Stories of Latin America”, writer Lynn Darroch presented a series of narratives about musicians, authors, and others in the Latin world.

Those stories were set to music, performed live by guitarist Alfredo Muro, and accompanied by percussionist Dave Fischer.

Check our Community Calendar listings for other free, culturally-enriching events to be found at your Midland Library.

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