July 4 celebrated early – with big parade for little kids at community center

Enjoy this outer East Portland Independence Day tradition by talking a look at these exclusive photos (and even a low-resolution movie!)‚

Photo story by David F. Ashton
This Independence Day parade isn’t the biggest in the nation. And, it takes place the day before the national holiday, July 3.

But talk with any of the participants in the East Portland Community Center’s annual parade‚ young or old‚ and they’ll tell you it’s the best.

We enjoy going to the parade, and sharing these photos with you,

David Sayre fuels up for the big parade with $1 hot dog served up at the East Portland Community Center.

Joey Nichols and Alyssa have fun working together to create haberdashery fit for an Independence Day celebration parade.

From infants in strollers, to senior citizens riding a golf cart, participants in the East Portland Community Center Parade line up in the parking lot.

Off they go! The route takes the marching throng from the community center, to Cherrywood Village two blocks away, and back again.

Honored members of American Legion Post #1 are the official Color Guard for the parade.

Although there wasn’t a marching band, live, lively music was provided courtesy of Haldeman’s Oom-pa Boys.

Wanna see the movie? It’s low resolution, but it gives you the feel of the event! To see it, CLICK HERE!

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