Festival brings bird lovers and breeders together

Read how this unique event in Lents brings more than 800 people to see all kinds of birds, and learn about them from their breeders

The Bird Festival has grown into a large, lively event. If you want to know about birds, from the small to the largest – people from all over the Pacific Northwest say this is the show to attend. Free admission and parking makes it easy for everyone to join in the fun.

Story & Photos by David F. Ashton

On April 8, breeders from across the Pacific Northwest, put on another Bird Festival event. This one attracted more than 800 visitors.

People who came said they were amazed to see the large variety of breeds being shown – many more than they typically find at other bird shows.

Kristin Stai shows off her Cockatoo named Playboy, a Cockatoo. “I’ve had him for about three years. He’s a great pet,” she told us. Stai said she came to the Bird Festival to see “The Bird Doctor”, Pam Burke.

All kinds of birds, from to large, talking macaws tiny, brightly-colored finches are the stars of the event.

“The breeders here are all so friendly,” commented Mary Singleton. “The variety of birds is great, but what makes this the best show I’ve been to is that the breeders will take time to talk with you.” She said a breeder with whom she was speaking didn’t have the exact bird she wanted. “Instead of just saying ‘sorry’ ‚Äì he introduced me to another breeder who had what I was looking for. This event was well worth the drive in from Beaverton.”

Guy Cone (seen here) and his wife, Judith, co-host this event, even though it requires them to close down their business ‚Äì Quality Cage Company ‚Äì to do so. “Breeders were looking for an east-side location for a show,” Guy said, “and we decided to help. It’s great fun; we really enjoy watching people learning about birds.”

The gray, rain-swept day didn’t keep people from seeing 22 breeders’ birds, including Finches, Ringnecks, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Canaries, Love Birds, Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys and Quakers.

All this, and “The Bird Doctor”, too!
Veterinarian Pamela A. Burke is known in the greater Portland area as “The Bird Doctor”. From little tweety-birds to mighty Macaws, Burke’s passion is for winged creatures. Dr. Burke gave out free advice at the spring Bird Festival.

Asked why one should seek out a bird “specialist”, Burke told, “We’re like any medical specialist. Because I’ve spent my career caring for birds, I’m able to quickly diagnose problems and recommend treatments. Would you want horse vet trying to save your cat’s life?”

At the Bird Festival, Dr. Burke provided on-site avian clinic services like wing and nail trims, DNA sexing, and health certificates for a modest fee.

Johnnie Reinhart of Johnnie’s Jungle in Washougal, WA spent part of the day giving kids an up-close experience with some of her larger birds.

Fall Bird Fest scheduled for October 7

Come learn about a wide variety of birds from their breeders at the Fall Bird Festival on Saturday, October 7, 2006. Hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This free show is being put on by the breeders in the warehouse of Quality Cage Co., 5942 SE 111th Ave., Portland, OR 97266. For more information about the fall show, call the company at (503) 762-2607, or watch www.BirdFest.net for more details.

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