Ventura Park students help ‘stamp out hunger’

Look at this one and you’ll see why elementary students wanted to do more than just contribute only during the May 12 post-office-sponsored food-gathering event‚

Tammy Boone’s 5th Grade class at Ventura Park Elementary was chosen to help load up the food collected during their school’s “Stamp Out Hunger” drive.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
We, along with many other East Portland residents, put out some food items in the yellow collection bags left by postal carriers in their “Stamp Out Hunger” campaign on May 12.

But that wasn’t enough for students at Ventura Park Elementary School, in the David Douglas School District.

Response was ‘totally awesome’
As they were loading boxes of food to be taken to the needy, Fifth-grader Dammon Bowen told us, “It’s totally awesome that our school is donating all this food. It is great we’re doing this for people. Maybe this will help people who need it to get what they need.”

Heather Holsti, from the same class explained, “The people who can’t afford food still need to survive. We’re donating the food to them. That is important. I feel really good about what we’re doing.”

Week-long campaign produces truckload of food
Both of these students are in Tammy Boone’s 5th Grade at the school. “We’ve collected food all week for this drive. Our class is out helping load up the truck today because we donated two big boxes of food. We were chosen to help deliver the food to the truck.”

It is important for kids to learn to give back to their community, Boone said. “From this, they’ve learned the value of giving, generosity, and to think of more people beyond themselves and their families.”

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