Ventura Park School kids peddle plants for profit at Midland Park

Come to Midland Park’s 3rd Annual Plant Sale on May 20, and you’ll be buying one of the fine-quality native plants raised by these enterprising 4th Grade students‚

Ventura Park School fourth-grade students Shaina Grace, Jesse Cetz, Andrew Eblen and Tanya Pezchenko are just a few of Ronnda Stapleton’s students who raised and tended these plants for sale on May 20 at Midland Park.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Walking into their greenhouse, we are amazed to see all the beautiful native Oregon plants raised and tended by students at Ventura Park School.

“The thirty students in my fourth-grade class have raised and cared for these plants,” explains their teacher, Ronnda Stapleton.

“This project helps our students learn to take ownership‚ to take care of‚ something that is not theirs,” explains Stapleton. “We will be selling these plants at the Midland Park Native Plant sale.”

The teacher said her students started working on this project in January. “The money they raise from the plant sale will go to support their Oregon Trail Trip. And, it will help us beautify our school’s courtyard.”

Native Plant Sale at Midland Park is May 20
The Jane’s Park Group is bringing in top quality native plants, we learn from volunteer Linda Robinson. “Some were purchased bare root, then nurtured; some were dug up from volunteers’ yards, and a few were donated by the Portland Parks Bureau.”

Robinson adds that informational displays and literature will be available about native plants, naturescaping, urban wildlife habitat and more. “The sale helps raise funds for events at the park, including completion of the new butterfly garden,” says Robinson.

The sale runs on Sunday, May 20 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at Midland Park — just behind Midland Library, 805 S.E. 122nd Ave.

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