These teenagers get all dolled up – and have somewhere to go

High fashion in the ‘burbs? Read (and see photos) that explain why 27 young ladies dressed up in Roaring-20’s fashions ‚Äì and, why hundreds came to see them ‚Ķ

Posing in garments they created, 27 models (and students) in David Douglas High School’s Interior and Fashion Design department gather for a group photo after their first-ever fashion show and design display.

Photos and story by David F. Ashton

In high school, if you aren’t in team sports, theater or music, there is a good chance no one may ever see your accomplishments.

Trisha Fisher, Interior and Fashion Design teacher at David Douglas High School, decided her students deserved their moment in the spotlight.

The department’s first-ever fashion show and design display, they called “All Dolled Up” got underway on March 27 in the David Douglas High School South Cafeteria.

The room was transformed into a Roaring-20’s “speak-easy” ‚Äì but served age-appropriate beverages, of course.

“This is a fashion show put on by students in the Interior and Fashion Design program at David Douglas High School put together,” is what DDHS junior Lindsey Robretht told us. “It was inspired by fashions of the 1920s. The students voted on several ideas and chose this one.”

She said that each of the 27 models who participated either manufactured or tailored the garments they wore. “The best thing was working hard and seeing this come together. We all put in a lot of hours after school Ms. Fisher practically lived here helping us put program on.”

Jennifer Oliver, DDHS senior, and Lindsey Robretht, DDHS junior served as Mistresses of Ceremonies for the event. Here, they are presenting their instructor, Trisha Fisher with their gratitude and a beautiful bouquet.

Trisha Fisher, Interior and Fashion Design teacher at DDHS told us why she thought this event was important. “It gives them a chance to have a taste of the professional world. And, it helps them explore options for their careers in the future.”

Also on display were exhibits of interior designs. The students offered displays showing how furniture, materials and colors could blend in various themed rooms.

In addition to the fashion show, students exhibited their interior design portfolios at the event.

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of kids who, typically, don’t get recognized,” said DDHS principal, Randy Hutchinson. “It was put together through diligence on the students and their teachers.”

While this was the first time in the history of the school this kind of event was held, Hutchinson said, it was very well attended. “Perhaps some of the students were concerned about whether or not it would come off well. But, as you can see, the evening was a success. I’m very pleased and proud of what they have achieved. It was remarkable to see a full house. All around, this was a great success.”

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