Students give Parkrose High library a rosy glow

You might not notice the colorful addition to the Parkrose High School Community Library, so we thought we’d point out this visual legacy left behind by graduating students‚

Graduated seniors Brad Tinsley and Tamiqua Martin designed and created the stained glass panels the now decorate the Parkrose High School Library’s smallest windows.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Parkrose Highs School Class of ’07 graduates, Brad Tinsley and Tamiqua Martin, have left a physical mark on their school. It isn’t a scar‚ but instead, a beauty treatment for the small square windows on the south wall of the Community Library.

The two students created panels made of stained glass; one for each of the windows.

“It took us eight weeks to do the project, from design through installation,” Tinsley told us. “We started it because our teacher said the librarian wanted something that had a flowing design for those windows.”

The stained glass panels decorate each of the small windows on the south wall of the library, when taken together, form a wave pattern. The top left image starts the sequence on the east end of the library; the bottom right photo concludes the pattern on the western end of the room.

Martin explained the process: “We drew a design. We switched it up a little and came up with these panels. It was hard work; foiling took the most time.

After graduation, Tinsley said he signed up with the US Army, enlisting as a military police officer. Martin plans higher education at Mount Hood Community College‚ or may decide to enlist in the US Navy.

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