Pro DJ shows kids how to ‘play the hits’ at Midland Library

Look at this, and you’ll discover why a professional club disc jockey spent an afternoon sharing her love of spinning disks with kids ‚Ķ

Leonetti, a professional club DJ, starts by showing kids how she hooks up a basic music system.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
In night clubs, at banquets ‚Äì and event wedding receptions ‚Äì almost everyone has “rocked out” to tunes played by a professional disc jockey.

But, how does one learn how “play the hits” like a pro?

Your Midland Library brought in professional DJ, Leonetti, to show kids the ropes – or perhaps we should say wires and disks.

“I love music. It’s all about bringing the music,” Leonetti told us, as she set up her gear.

“Working the kids is great. Today, I’m glad to see we have several gals who came out!”

Leonetti said most folks are pleased to learn they can bring any kind of music they love when they DJ. “It doesn’t have to be hip-hop or rock. You can find a place to play any kind of music you love.”

DJ Leonetti asks what kind of music each of the kids like to hear – and would like to play.

“Today I’m showing them the basics,” Leonetti continued.

She introduced them to several music styles, told them where they can buy their music. And yes, showed a basic set up for DJing. The gear she brought was two turntables and a special DJ mixer.

“You need turntables ‚Äì record players ‚Äì that allow you to adjust the playback speed,” she told the youngsters. “This allows you to beat match; an essential in being a good DJ.”

Leonetti rocks out! “Yes, it is unusual for a woman to be a DJ, but we’re accepted by men in the field.”

Leonetti said she’s been DJing for six years, professionally for four. “I started because I love ‘house’ music. I’m a big Beastie Boys fan and worked with their DJ on an event ‚Äì he helped me get started. There is real camaraderie among DJs. While most of them are guys, they accept women DJs, too.”

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