Parkrose volunteers want your can (and bottle, too)

See how your return-deposit bottles and cans and help the Parkrose ‘Can Clan’ help kids in outer East Portland ‚Ķ

On May 6, we found these young men were hard at work with the Parkrose Boosters. Why? As Jeffrey Simon told us, “to help raise money for our football program next year.”

Story and Photo by David F. Ashton

It’s easy to pitch or ditch your return-deposit cans. But, here’s a better idea! Save them, and take them to the Parkrose Middle School on NE Shaver (just west of NE 122nd Ave.), on the first Saturday of every month!

The Parkrose Bronco Boosters operate this can drive all year long, to raise money for the activities like the Senior All Night Party. Some of the money also goes to scholarships, we’re told.

Have a big pile of cans? Contact the Boosters through Parkrose High School ‚Äì they’ll arrange to come pick them up!

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