Parkrose students ‘shoot it out’ at Rossi Farms

Why did the smell of sweat, dirt and gunpowder, and the sound of gunshots, screams ‚Äì and laughter ‚Äì fill the late afternoon air in Parkrose throughout the first week of June?  Here’s why ‚Ķ

Parkrose High School student actors Marie Still, Brandon Wilcox, Madison Cook, Jonathan Wheatfall, Anna Moellering, and Tyree Harris act in the film, “The Tail of Nick Rose” to be premi?®red at the Rossi Barn Bash on July 8th.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Why the commotion at Rossi Farms? Students from Parkrose High School’s video production and drama classes were working together on an end-of-year project: The class’ new short film, “The Tail of Nick Rose”. This film will be premi?®red at the Rossi Barn Bash’s Theater on the Haybales on July 8.

“Working on this movie has been a great experience,” Ms. Zena, Parkrose High’s theater instructor, told us. “We’ve have 40 kids out here shooting this film all week. I think the kids were shocked how difficult it is to shoot a movie — even a short film like this.”

Zena explained that her student actors are used to working on stage. “When doing a film, there isn’t the continuity. It has been a good learning experience for them.”

Soundman Taylor Ward and director/camera operator Evin Carr get ready for their next take while shooting “The Tail of Nick Rose”, to be premi?®red at the Rossi Barn Bash on July 8th.

Joe Rossi smiled as he watched the action taking place at the “Wild West Show” set on his farm. “I’m excited about this year’s movie. I always wanted to include the school in this project. The students rewrote the story, and made it their own. It tells how old-time Parkrose was invaded by bad elements from Portland.”

And how does the story end? Come out and see it, while you enjoy the best all-you-can-eat BBQ chicken dinner around, grilled by the Parkrose Lions; see a live-action wild-west show; dance to country music ‚Äì and enjoy the first showing of this movie, at this year’s Rossi Barn Bash!

“Turkey Creek Tom” Mannen shows actors how to safely handle the guns used on the Rossi movie set. Mannen is the leader of Turkey Creek Productions ‚Äì the group who puts on the Wild West Action Show at the Barn Bash.

Rossi Barn Bash
Benefiting Parkrose Youth Activities Fund

Saturday, July 8
6:00 p.m. until Midnight
Still only $12 each (must be over 21)
At Rossi Farm, 3839 NE 122nd Ave (at Shaver St.)
Tickets at the gate, or in advance at Rossi Farm Store

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