Parkrose High’s “Romeo & Juliet” smartly paced and presented

Subtly infused with popular music, this abbreviated adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic swirls with activity. See our exclusive photos of this show, which ends on May 12‚

In this modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s 1595 play, Romeo Montague (Tyree Harris) and Juliet Capulet (Jacquelle Davis) endure a brief and troubled romance.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Parkrose High School Thespian Troupe 1783 brings to life William Shakespeare’s story concerning the fate of two young “star-cross’d lovers” in their current production, Romeo and Juliet.

The work, one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays, is considered to be the archetypal love story of all time; this version was adapted by the Parkrose High School theater instructor, Ms. Zena. Click HERE to read our full story about this production

Juliet asks Nurse (Mikki Boyt) to help her learn more about Romeo.

The hotheaded Tybalt Capulet (Austin Crumbley), the cousin of Juliet, lies mortally wounded in the arms of his mother, Lady Capulet (Meghan Hodge), after losing a sword fight to his rival, Romeo.

Music and movement accentuate dramatic effect
Zena’s terse editing of the multi-hour play makes this version move smartly along ‚Äì yet none of the emotion of this poignant tale is lost.

Unlike many modern adaptations, the actors speak their parts using Shakespeare’s language. “The difference is,” Zena says, “this adaptation ‘gets to the point’, so the scenes move along.”

From the opening moments, the stage comes alive, swirling with activity and intrigue, as Romeo first sees Juliet at a costume ball.

The soundtrack created by the troupe‚ featuring a variety of modern music‚ truly enhances the dramatic effect of the dialog.

Believing Juliet has poisoned herself, her father, Montague (Sterling Arkills), and Nurse prepare her for burial.

Juliet awakens from her sleeping potion in the family crypt, only to find her new husband, Romeo, has taken his life. Overcome with grief, she then follows him in death.

Limited seating available

Because of this unique seating arrangement, each performance will be limited to 150 audience members. Don’t miss out on “culture-made-fun”‚ call (503) 408-2621 to reserve your tickets today.

Romeo & Juliet
May 11 and 12

Tickets $5 for all patrons
7 p.m. curtain

“Black Box Theatre”
Parkrose High School
12003 NE Shaver Street (at NE 122nd Ave.)

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