Parkrose High’s colorful ‘Comedy of Errors’ filled with humor

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As the show opens, the stage is set for the confusion of identities to follow.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Many people, who took our advice and saw the Parkrose High production of 16th century playwright William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors”, realized how fun and relevant “the Bard’s” plays can be.

Parkrose High School Thespian Troupe #1783, under the direction of theater instructor, Ms. Zena, put on colorful and fast-paced performances during its two-weekend run, ending November 9.

Is this identical twin the local, married one – or the visiting distant brother?

Presents abridged version
Part of the success of the presentation was Zena’s careful editing of the original script.

Although the actors speak Shakespeare’s words, “We say the phrases once – not three times as written. It picks up the pace of the play.”

The wife only thinks she’s got her man back. She doesn’t – she’s buttonholing his twin!

Zany Shakespeare
Zena told us kids like “The Comedy of Errors” because it is filled with comedy, puns, and slapstick humor. “Some call it the original situation comedy,” she added.

“The Comedy of Errors” is a story of two sets of identical twins who meet up in a distant city. This leads to a series of wild mishaps based on mistaken identities, wrongful accusations, and odd romantic situations.

One of the two identical-twin servants becomes confused about her own identity.

Bringing this full-stage production to life were 35 actors in colorful costuming – including dancing puppets and donkey. The staging of the play and costuming were as colorful as is the story line.

Theatre operations manager Terry Franceschi, and his crew of 20 student theatrical technicians provided professional lighting, sound, and staging.

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Sorry! If you missed the production, it is too difficult to explain these characters in their recurring sight gags!

Who IS at the door? “My husband already IS inside,” shouts the woman of the house!

One brother – not the right one, of course – is arrested for the deeds of the others.

So identical are the sets of brothers – and their servants – even they confuse one for another.

Time to sort things out, once and for all.

“Who me?” The confusion continues.

The other brother comes out of hiding – and the mystery finally starts to unravel.

Finally, all is explained!

The married wife’s spinster sister gets to “bite the bagel” (gets engaged) to the flirting single brother who took a liking to her – instead of his supposed wife. (It’s the best we can explain it in one sentence!)

Curtain Call! The cast takes a bow for a job well done!

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