Parkrose Art Fair showcases fine and performing artists

You’ll be amazed to see the breadth and depth of artistic talent we found on display at this annual event …

Under the direction of Mike Tolan (trombonist), the Parkrose High Jazz Band serenades attendees with well-played selection of holiday tunes.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The art center at Parkrose High School was abuzz with activity as their art festival got underway on Dec. 14. A hundred family and community members came by the Parkrose High School art studio to enjoy the fine art created by the school’s students and staff members.

“This is our tenth annual Art Festival here,” Bev Cordova, one of school’s three fine art teachers told us.

“This is celebration of both fine and performing arts,” Cordova went on. “We’ve invited the community here to see some of the great artwork done by students, see art demonstrations, and to hear some great music by our jazz band and choir.”

Each year, participation has grown, Cordova reported. “We’ve made an effort to include the whole community.”

Sierra Butler, a senior at Parkrose High, is wet-packing ground glass before it is fused to a copper disk.

Unique art demonstrations
One of the artisans with whom we spoke was Parkrose High senior Sierra Butler.

“We’re making art on copper disks,” she said as she painted. “The powder is ground-up, pigmented glass. We’ve learned three methods to apply the powder. It can be sifted on, stenciled on, and wet-packed. I’m doing wet-packing. We mix the glass with gum, making it the consistency of wet sand. After we paint on the design, it’s fired in the kiln for less than two minutes.”

Ashley Nichols, a senior, fires the glass-on-copper art piece.

Carefully placing disks in the kiln is senior Ashley Nichols. “I love art in general. Although I’m more into ceramics, it’s interesting to see the different ways you can manipulate glass to make art.”

Cesar Pina, a senior, shows his artwork, which he called “Wii London Bridge”.

As we looked at completed works of art, we talked with senior Cesar Pina, and asked him to tell us how a video game came to be incorporated into a famous image.

“The assignment was to take an ordinary object,” Pina said, “enlarge it and fit it into a landscape. I substituted a Nintendo Wii for one of the bridge towers. I had drawing of the Wii in my sketchbook and my teacher mentioned that it looked like a building. It fit perfectly into the landscape.”

Bryana Meier, a sophomore, shows her dad, Dennis, the finer points of forming a ceramic bowl on a turntable.

Hands-on art demonstrations
Over in the ceramics studio, potter’s clay was set out, and the students became teachers as they showed parents and siblings how to cast objects on the spinning turntables.

Dennis Meier got a lesson making a bowl while seated at a turntable. His daughter, Bryana, patiently and skillfully guided his efforts. “This is fun; it really is!” exclaimed dad Dennis.

Choral arts were well-represented by the Parkrose High Debonaires.

Musical performing arts well represented
While patrons watched demonstrations, munched on popcorn, and drank apple cider, the Parkrose High Jazz Band played several holiday-themed numbers.

Instrumental duos and trios also performed for the group.

After their set, the Parkrose High Debonaires – fresh off holiday performances around town – took their places, and gave a lively performance of well-known holiday songs.

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