Kids drawn to library by magnetic attraction

See one of the ways Midland Library got kids into the library this summer – leaving with a craft that sticks to the refrigerator …

Ryan, Nic, Megan, their mom, Beth McClain, take part in one of the library’s Summer Fun and Reading programs ‚Äì making creative refrigerator magnets by cutting and layering materials onto a magnetic surface.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Dozens of East County refrigerators will be better decorated, after kids came home from this event at Midland Library.

We asked library manager Carolyn Schell why they run programs like this. “A library doesn’t benefit citizens unless they use it. And, thanks to creative programs for young people during the summer, Midland Library gets well-used!”

Making animal magnets was the theme of the session a few weeks ago. Young artists cut and arranged fabrics of all colors and finishes, to make their own unique designs.

These girls were too shy to tell us their names, but their parents said they loved being photographed as they created works of magnetic art.

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